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Fisheye training

Atlassian offers a range of software development and project management tools. These tools are built to complement and integrate with each other seamlessly, and are relatively easy to use. That said, the software does present some complex features that are worth understanding in depth. Atlassian provides online courses, self-teaching materials and guidebooks to help customer organisations train their staff. However, these training options lack the interactive, in-person benefits of an instructor-led course and often miss out on explaining the tools’ finer, key details.

In addition to Fisheye training, Automation Consultants delivers a comprehensive set of training courses that covers the entire Atlassian software suite, including Jira, Confluence, Bamboo and Bitbucket. Our instructor-led courses are customisable, designed to follow our set standard syllabus or tailored to an organisation’s specific needs.

Each interactive course goes beyond the basic user-friendly functionality and delves into the more advanced features of each tool. This information is relatively difficult to discover through self-study. With our in-depth training, organisations can maximise the use of their software and ensure that their investment is delivering a solid return.

Why use Atlassian Fisheye?

Atlassian Fisheye is a code revision browsing tool that allows users and developers to search for and monitor source code changes quickly, helping them track progress in the code base. With Fisheye, architects, developers and project managers can follow all related activities and generate visual reports that capture committed changes within any timeframe, as well as the evolution of individual files.

Every time a revision is made, the Atlassian Fisheye notification system sends users a RSS or email alert. This means that key stakeholders stay up-to-date on all developments, can see who changed what and when, and only work with the latest version of the software.

Atlassian Fisheye can easily integrate with other Atlassian tools for enhanced functionality. For example, connecting Fisheye to Jira enables developers to make ‘smart commits’. A ‘smart commit’ is an action in Jira which is triggered automatically by a commit to the code repository. For example, a Jira Software task issue can be updated from ‘In Progress’ to ‘Done’.

Fisheye is, more often than not, used with and integrated with Atlassian Crucible. Crucible provides a code review function that complements Fisheye’s powerful capability to search source code, monitor changes and keep tabs on the code being produced. Our Fisheye training takes this into account and covers both products in its course material.

Our Atlassian Fisheye training course

In our training course, specific attention is given to understanding both Fisheye and Crucible in detail, including getting to grips with Fisheye activity streams and Crucible review workflows. Once that is sufficiently understood, the course covers how to integrate both Fisheye and Crucible with Jira, and also with BitBucket and Bamboo.

Course description:

The course covers the use of Fisheye and Crucible to improve code quality:

  • Fisheye provides a powerful capability to search source code, monitor changes and keep tabs on the code being produced.
  • Crucible provides a framework for conducting peer reviews of code.

Course outline:

  • Duration: half a day
  • Price: £250 per delegate (Minimum 3 delegates, maximum 10 delegates for instructor-led courses)
  • Format: Instructor-led or Webinar

Our Fisheye training offering includes:

  • Face to face training on all Atlassian products
  • The standard course, as outlined above
  • Customised courses that offer a mix of standard and tailor-made training for specific company requirements – online, at our site in Reading, or at customer premises
  • Refresher courses designed to help users stay up to date with software updates

At Automation Consultants, we are very experienced in providing Atlassian training across the entire software suite. We help our customers become familiar with Fisheye as quickly as possible, and proficient at using it to achieve maximum efficiency.

Contact us today to learn more about our Atlassian Fisheye training course.

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