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Bamboo training

The Atlassian toolset is one of the most versatile and user-friendly software development suites on the market, and Atlassian’s Bamboo tool is one of the most powerful and effective continuous integration tools available. It has the potential to unify your workflows and automate the testing of complex changes: at its best, it improves your team’s efficiency and simplifies otherwise time-consuming processes.

Like any software, it’s only good if used properly. And while Bamboo itself is intuitive and easy to use, it’s underpinned by some complex technology. It may integrate with Jira, Confluence, and the rest of the Atlassian suite, but it won’t necessarily integrate with your existing system – which may not be entirely up to date or operating to its maximum utility. For many agile teams, continuous integration is a necessity – so getting your implementation right is essential.

When your organisation doesn’t have the proper Bamboo training, it can’t use the application to its fullest potential. And too often, the right kind of Bamboo training is hard to find. Atlassian itself only offers online modules, which are appropriate for some, but does not provide live instructor led courses, limiting the level of interactivity and preventing one-to-one instruction.

Comprehensive Bamboo training

Thorough Bamboo training is the best way to gain proficiency quickly and conveniently – with both the broad strokes and finer points of the tool. Automation Consultants provides such training.

Our face to face courses cover basic and advanced skills, and can be tailor-made to your company’s requirements.

A typical programme will encompass one work day, and costs £450 per delegate. There is a minimum limit of three delegates, and a maximum of ten for each instructor-led course or webinar.

The topics available include basic primers on continuous integration, build configuration and deployment; connecting Bamboo to Bitbucket or other Git repositories; writing Bamboo build plans and integrating the tool with Atlassian’s Jira project management software. If you want to import data from Hudson or Jenkins, we’ll show you. If you want a tutorial on running parallel builds, that can also be provided. Automation Consultants simplifies the process of Bamboo training and customises it to your company’s needs.

Why Automation Consultants?

Our collective experience of the Atlassian toolset spans several years and this experience extends across the entire software lifecycle, so we’re well-placed to arrange a solution that meets your specific requirements – whatever your current IT setup.

Automation Consultants’ service is available at our Reading site, online, or at your company’s location. Our initial Bamboo training courses will leave you with a good knowledge of the application and its relationship to the wider Atlassian toolset – and our regular refresher courses will keep you up to date with any changes. You can select either a comprehensive Bamboo tutorial, or the parts that only apply to your specific business circumstances.

To discuss Bamboo training with one of our experts, contact us today.

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