Micro Focus LoadRunner (formerly HP LoadRunner) Training

ACES provides the following LoadRunner training programme:

Using LoadRunner

This course is designed to provide users with the knowledge required to work with LoadRunner at a professional level. The LoadRunner training course gives information on how to:

  • Create automated Vuser (Virtual User) scripts using VuGen (Virtual User Generator)
  • Enhance and correlate Vuser scripts
  • Manage and maintain the load test scenarios using the controller
  • Schedule scenarios for load test execution
  • Analyse test results for performance bottlenecks using the analysis tool

The course includes exercises based on real-life test scenarios using the web-based Mercury Web Tours Application. This is a sample application from a fictitious travel booking company, used to represent a typical application to be tested in the real world. The standard course focuses on the web protocol. ACES also provides tailored courses focused on other protocols such as Citrix, Java and Flex.

Course Duration

Three days.

Course Pre-requisites

Awareness to the concepts of performance testing.

Course Outline

  • Understand the concept of performance testing
  • Plan a performance test / load test for an application
  • Record Vuser scripts using VuGen
  • Playback Vuser scripts using VuGen
  • Perform enhancements on recorded Vuser scripts to include rtansactions, parameters and checkpoints
  • Perform auto correlation and manual correlation to solve dynamic data issues
  • Work with multiple actions
  • Create scenarios for load testing using the controller
  • Schedule load test scenarios using the controller
  • Configure performance monitors
  • Analyse the testing results to find performance bottlenecks
  • Publish your test analysis along with performance recommendations

We can arrange on-site as well as off-site (i.e. at Automation Consultants’ head office) LoadRunner training courses. All our training courses include a hand-book which comprises of course material along with training exercises. Our appointed instructors are software lifecycle experts and have extensive experience of all Micro Focus ALM tools.