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⚡ Optimizer 4 for All: Now on Server & Data Center ⚡

October 14, 2019

As you know we’ve been busy behind the scenes making Optimizer 4 the greatest version yet and we’re pleased to say we’ve done it. We can officially get the balloons and party poppers out as Optimizer for Jira 4 is now available on both Server and Data Center 🥳

It’s been months in the making, listening to your feedback, implementing your ideas and of course letting the new App loose on our Beta testers in the final few weeks but we made it! So we’d like to take a moment to say thank you to all our users for all their help in getting Optimizer to its best self. Check out our celebratory launch video below:

We hope you’ve been following the journey of Optimizer and believe us when we say there’s a lot more to come as we intend to improve the feature-set much more frequently, so you can expect to see more:

  • Automation and suggestion features
  • New usage analysis functionality for Dashboards, Filters and Apps
  • Support for more Object Types including Project Roles and SD Agents
  • Visualization tools and additional reports
  • Expanded GraphQL for Jira Administration API

But for now let’s focus on the present and all the exciting features Optimizer 4 has just released, you may have even tested some of them out by this point:

New Interface

With a new and improved interface Optimizer is easier to use than ever before while improving on what has made Optimizer such a powerful tool!

Experience new and improved tables, tools and navigation which empower administrators with new oversight and better control.

Advanced Health Checks

Detect problems before they occur, with heap, thread and database monitoring. Remove unused items in bulk with confidence and increase the performance of your Jira today!

Smart Cards and Drill Down

While our new tables come equipped with smart cards which give tables a new third dimension as referenced objects are embedded into the table and integrate with our new powerful filtering.

Each Smart card allows you to expand the object into a drill down view which is a powerful tool for investigating any object in depth and see all its dependencies and values.

Multi-Sort and Filters

Our newly improved tables come equipped with powerful sorting and filtering. You can filter every column with different options for each type and this extends to our new column types.

Reduce License Costs

We’ve heard your requests and it’s now easier than ever before to reduce your licensing cost. By integrating our powerful new tables with a brand new suite of options you can now easily and reliably find inactive users.


Optimizer now integrates with GraphQL so you can write your own queries and drill down into Jira’s configuration to extract exactly what you need, when you need it!

What’s more, by utilizing the new GraphQL API, we have improved performance over the previous plugin, by no longer eager fetching data and paging the results when long running tasks are required.

Optimizer for Jira 4 guides you in improving system performance and maintaining stability. Find out more about its specific features and how it’s become the most powerful Jira administration tool available here or visit the Atlassian Marketplace today for your free trial.

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