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JIRA Software (formerly JIRA Agile)

Agile project management for software projects and more. JIRA Software provides Scrum and Kanban methodology out of the box. Integrates beautifully with a suite of other products so you can cover the whole software lifecycle. Contact our Atlassian experts today to discuss how JIRA Software and agile methodology can help you stay on top of tasks and manage projects. Alternatively, scroll down for more information on JIRA Software and its key features.

What is it?

JIRA Software (formerly JIRA Agile) is a customisable web application designed to manage software development and other projects using agile methodology.

JIRA Agile Software Backlog

 JIRA Software provides two of the most common agile methodologies, Scrum and Kanban. They can be further customised to implement almost any desired agile project management method. Progress is shown on Scrum and Kanban task boards which simulate the well-known whiteboard with sticky notes. The Scrum boards are typically used by teams which use sprints to implement and deliver software or other products. Kanban boards are aimed at teams which focus on continuous delivery of work.


Why is it useful?

Agile project management methodologies have been widely adopted for software development, IT transformations and other projects. JIRA Software provides management tool which can implement almost any agile methodology; it gives access to the project status to teams in different geographical locations; and it integrates with requirements management, source code control and test management tools to give end-to-end traceability.


Key features

JIRA Software Agile Scrum Board

  • Traceability - view the lifecycle of all stories and sub-tasks in a sprint including owners, comments, and status changes.
  • Create Swim-lanes to categorise issues on your work board – this allows you to group your issues into categories such as priority or assignee.
  • Configure a board to meet your existing agile process - add and move columns to match your existing task boards. 


IRA Agile’s diverse features allow you to embrace the best agile methodologies for your business needs. You can create SCRUM and KANBAN boards to view and work on your issues. The Scrum boards are for teams that use sprints to implement and deliver products. Whereas a Kanban board is for teams that focus on continuous delivery of work.





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The development team is using JIRA for Scrum projects, enabling them to move our ecommerce platform forward quickly.

Dan Seymour, Head of eCommerce Technology, Labelux