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Automation Consultants provide a wide range of services including Consultancy, Training, Hosting, Support DevOps and Machine Learning.



Automation Consultants makes use of containers in its services to make your infrastructure more efficient. Containers are at the centre of DevOps, and are prevalent in large scale clouds. If you use a cloud computing service from Google, Facebook, Microsoft ...

Infrastructure as Code

What is Infrastructure as Code – what are the leading tool vendors? Infrastructure as code (IaC) allows you to describe IT infrastructure such as servers, networks, databases and operating systems as code. Two leading examples of IaC systems are CloudFormation, ...

Continuous Integration

Automation Consultants can help you set up or optimise continuous integration within your software development teams, using whichever tools fit your needs best. Continuous integration (CI), often done with continuous deployment (CD), is process of building and deploying software automatically ...