Atlassian Products

Mouse over the Atlassian solutions to see the component products; click on a solution or product for more info.

Confluence Jira Software Test Management Automated Test Tool Bitbucket Git Fisheye Crucible Other repositories Bamboo Development Environments Jira Service Desk Jira Core

The diagram above shows the various Atlassian products available, and how they can be combined to form various different solutions (hover your mouse over each section to see more information about the solutions highlighted). For example, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Crucible and FishEye can be combined can form the core of a development solution.

Atlassian solutions can be put together to make larger solutions. For example, the Agile Project Management and Development solutions can be combined to form a larger solution that covers everything from requirements to source code management.

Some Atlassian products can be used across the whole business – a great example of this is HipChat, which allows users to communicate with each other securely within your business, increasing productivity and collaboration.

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