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Atlassian Cloud Migration

AC has many years’ experience supporting customers through their journey with Atlassian applications. To find out more about Atlassian Cloud Migration services, contact our experts today.

The phasing out of Atlassian Server... what now?

Atlassian has announced that it will no longer be selling new licences for Server as of February 2021. This is because moving forwards Atlassian will be focusing entirely on their Cloud and Data Center product offerings. It will still be possible to renew existing Server licences, however support for Server will end entirely in February 2024.

To ensure that you are fully supported during this time, and that you continue to receive the latest and greatest updates as well as new features, migration to Cloud or possibly Data Center may be the best next step for you – as it will be for many companies.

We’re here to help you take the first Server migration steps towards Atlassian Cloud. Below we’ve compared the two deployment options to help make your decision easy. You can also take our interactive questionnaire to find out whether Data Center or Cloud migration is the right option for you. Alternatively, if you would rather to talk to one of our team, get in touch and we are ready to help!

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Why Migrate to the Atlassian Cloud?

Moving your Jira and Confluence applications to Atlassian’s Cloud will enable your business to benefit from reduced total cost of ownership, enhanced reliability and security, access to innovative features and simpler administration.

Atlassian’s own team of experts work 24/7 to keep your data in the Atlassian cloud secure. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest and premium plans feature IP allowlisting (or whitelisting). Atlassian Cloud products also work with Atlassian’s mobile apps which are compatible with enterprise grade mobile device management (MDM) solutions. This is not available for self-hosted Jira and Confluence.

The Atlassian Cloud features security controls like SAML SSO, SCIM user lifecycle management and multiple authentication policies (available with Atlassian Access), making it far easier to keep your organisation safe. The Atlassian Cloud features security controls like SAML SSO, SCIM user lifecycle management and multiple authentication policies (available with Atlassian Access), making it far easier to keep your organisation safe.

Atlassian Cloud is able to meet global compliance requirements with features such as coverage for SOC2, PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and 27018, data residency, GDPR and more. Coverage is regularly expanded and security audits are also regularly performed to give you the assurance that your security requirements are being met.

In order to meet the highest bar for privacy relating to personal data, Atlassian Cloud offers you full transparency on how Atlassian stores and manages your data. Atlassian actively manages and control your data, enabling you better to support your organisation in meeting its data privacy obligations across the globe – such as GDPR in the EU and the Data Protection Act 2018 in the UK.

For nearly all organisations, the performance and reliability of their IT systems are central to their success. Atlassian Cloud products are designed to maximise performance and reliability: they are hosted on AWS infrastructure which is among the best available, and utilise multi-level redundancy, elastic scale and more to ensure availability and stability at scale.

Why migrate from Server to Atlassian Cloud? Get the guide!

In order to keep up with continuously evolving technology, more and more enterprises are turning to Cloud solutions.

Download our Server to Cloud guide to find out more about why enterprises are making the move to Cloud, the advantages of adopting SaaS, and how Atlassian’s Cloud solutions compare to Server.

Why choose AC for your Cloud migration?

When looking to migrate, you might be shortlisting providers that can assist you. So, why go with us?

An extension of your own team

Our team will become your team. Automation Consultants has a long experience of conducting complex migrations rapidly and securely. Our team will plan and execute your migration, consulting you on all key decisions and stay by your side until the project is complete.

Overcome silos

Starting a big IT project can be overwhelming when there are many stakeholders involved. Your AC Solutions team will bring the different teams together and keep them all well informed.

Quick and efficient - with no quality compromise

We are experts in Cloud Migration - in most cases delivering projects within schedule and budget. We are able to make use of automated scripts where appropriate to speed up migration processes.

Trust, experience and expertise

We have completed many cloud migration to a high standard - with great feedback from our customers. 

Planning and communication

A key part of a migration project is telling the right people what they need to know when they need to know it. Your designated Solutions Consultant  can assist with a strategy for internal communications to everyone affected by your Cloud Migration project - helping you keep key stakeholders on board and minimize disruption to all users. 

Case Study: How to save money moving to the Atlassian Cloud

Organisations today face many challenges when it comes to scale. How can you choose between scaling yourselves with a move to Data Center – or choosing an Atlassian hosting solution for peace of mind moving forward?

Check out Atlassian’s Nextiva case study to see how their move to the Cloud resulted in annual savings, improved security, and more. 

Introducing BeeCloud

BeeCloud is our optimized approach for the Atlassian migration of Atlassian systems, such as Jira and Confluence, from on-premise deployments to the Atlassian cloud. BeeCloud helps ensure that your migration is both as quick as it can be, and as complete as possible, leaving out next to no data, configurations or add-ons (e.g. marketplace apps), whilst being safe from the risk of data loss or unplanned outages. BeeCloud is designed to include potentially complex items such as user accounts, app data and any additional integrations between Jira, Confluence and other applications.

How does the process work?

AC has been performing complex Atlassian migrations and mergers for years and is well-placed in helping you make that transition. So whether you’re thinking “what is the best option for my business?” or “how long does a Cloud migration take?”, we’re on hand to advise.

As a certified Platinum Solution Partner with significant experience in migration to Cloud, we can help with every aspect of your migration journey, from start to finish, including:

Deep dive discussions with key stakeholders on the best platform to migrate onto for your business
Requirements gathering and definition of success criteria
Liaising with stakeholders to capture all dependencies and requirements
Planning and documenting the best approach to migration, focusing on minimising business disruption
Delivery and execution of a bespoke migration strategy, to meet your business requirements
Providing Early Life Support to ensure that you are supported once successfully up and running on your new platform, and that any teething issues are resolved

What Are the Challenges of Cloud Migration?

Migrating systems can be a big undertaking, regardless of your current solution or stack. It’s not just about the migration of data, but also ensuring your teams are ready for the changes to come, and that these are managed carefully. AC is here to help you overcome the challenges of migrating, both technical and cultural.

AC can help you review and understand the key considerations when planning your Cloud migration, to ensure that your data is migrated in full, and that your userbase is fully enabled for the new solution. We’re also happy to help you optimise your instances in the process – removing unnecessary configuration and ensuring you can get the most out of your solution.

One area AC specialises in is the migration and merging of third-party app data, which often needs custom scripts to ensure it is migrated safely to Cloud from Server. AC has existing solutions to migrate your app data that help you reduce your migration timeline. As part of AC’s offering, we will also identify any apps that are not available on Cloud and assist in finding an alternative method to mitigate loss in functionality.

Learn more about Cloud Migration at Automation Consultants

To find out more about how we can support your business in migration to the Atlassian Cloud, get in touch with our experts today. As an Atlassian Platinum Partner, we have many years’ of experience supporting customers through their journey with Atlassian applications.