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Cloud Solutions

Whether you're looking to accelerate your digital transformation or just strive to become more agile and innovative through cloud technology, our team of cloud specialists is here to help you navigate your journey in the Cloud.

Why Choose Cloud?

Discover the benefits cloud has to offer.

Moving to the cloud will eliminate unnecessary costs relating to physical hardware, resource allocation, maintenance, installation and running fees. Prevent costly losses with advanced Cloud capabilities in disaster recovery, saving you valuable time and effort due to minimal business disruption.

The Atlassian Cloud features security controls like SAML SSO, SCIM user lifecycle management and multiple authentication policies (available with Atlassian Access), making it far easier to keep your organisation safe. The Atlassian Cloud features security controls like SAML SSO, SCIM user lifecycle management and multiple authentication policies (available with Atlassian Access), making it far easier to keep your organisation safe.

Cloud technology solutions allow you to seamlessly scale your systems up and down to meet changes in demand, providing you with the exact amount of resources you need, when you need it. This not only keeps your budget in check but also ensures your performance requirements are satisfied, enabling your organisation to operate successfully and efficiently.

Increase your agility in the Cloud with automatic upgrades, experiencing uptimes often greater than 99.9% to drive your team’s productivity. Cloud technology also promotes real-time collaboration, so your team can access, edit and share information anytime, anywhere. With less company resources allocated towards back-end maintenance and configuration, your teams will be empowered to focus on business requirements and customer needs.

Safeguard your business against data breaches and hardware issues, ensuring that your data is never inaccessible. Information is stored in the Cloud using highly secured data centers with around-the-clock monitoring and threat detection, protecting your data from security breaches.

3 Major Cloud Platforms

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Microsoft Azure

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Google Cloud Platform

AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure and GCP (Google Cloud Platform) are the three leading cloud platform providers with millions of customers world-wide. These three platforms provide thousands of services designed for you to build solutions in the Cloud. The most popular services include computing, storage, databases and networking, but range all the way to AI, Machine Learning, VR and more!

AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform can also integrate with your on-premises data centers, allowing you to create hybrid cloud-based solutions. AC offers services across all three cloud platforms, so no matter which platform you use, we can help you with your journey in the Cloud!

Our Cloud Services

Here for you at each stage of your journey to the cloud.



Start delivering value in the Cloud

  • Assess which cloud platform is right for your business
  • Translate your business requirements to a cloud solution design
  • Estimate and optimise the operational cost of using the
  • Cloud Build your cloud solutions, with detailed handover and training



Migrate your workload to the Cloud

  • Translate an existing on-premises workload to a cloud solution design, or map your journey between cloud providers


  • Design a migration playbook to maximise success and minimise risk


  • Estimate and optimise the operational cost of your new cloud solutions


  • Perform the cloud migration for you, with detailed handover and training



Innovate faster with DevOps in the Cloud

  • Review your existing DevOps processes and goals


  • Design a solution using the best-fit cloud services


  • Estimate and optimise the operational cost of your new cloud solutions


  • Build your cloud DevOps solution, with detailed handover and training



Your first step towards cloud solutions has never been simpler.

Thinking about transitioning to the Cloud? 85% of businesses worldwide are making use of cloud technology, and so should you!

Building a solution in the Cloud can be a challenging task, especially if you’re new to cloud services. AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform all have hundreds of services available to start building your platform, so the best way forward may not seem obvious.

AC’s CloudStart service is designed to help you make your first move to the Cloud.



The best way to move your solutions to a cloud platform.

Looking to shift your existing workloads from on-premises to the Cloud? Or maybe you need to switch from one cloud platform to another?

Mapping out the path from your on-premises workload to the Cloud, or between different cloud platforms, is a complex process. From requirements gathering to the point of migration, this process requires a significant time investment, on top of maintaining your existing operations.

AC’s CloudShift service follows our proven cloud model to ensure a smooth transition to the Cloud, giving you peace of mind that all dependencies are considered, and all possibilities are covered.



Considering implementing DevOps in your cloud environment? Unsure which services will support and improve your ways of working?

Cloud computing and DevOps go hand-in-hand. The agile and on-demand model of cloud platforms provides the perfect environment to drive DevOps automation. However, mapping your DevOps processes to cloud services is not always straightforward.

AC’s CloudPace service helps businesses review their DevOps goals and design cloud solutions around them. Whether you are looking to implement CI/CD Pipelines, build Infrastructure as Code, orchestrate your containers or anything in-between, AC utilises the cloud platforms services to help you achieve faster delivery, higher reliability and greater innovation.

Customer Success Story

How does the process work?

No matter what cloud service you’re looking for – whether its CloudStart, CloudShift or CloudPace – AC uses its proven Cloud model to maximise the success of your journey in the cloud.

Our model focuses on ensuring: 

  • Every requirement is captured, and point-of-view considered 
  • There is an agreed cloud solution design with a supporting playbook mapping your journey
  • Costs have been analysed, and minimised where possible, to avoid any unforeseen expenditure
  • All technical activities are covered by AC, but giving you visibility


Requirements gathering and technical review with your teams and processes


Translate your requirements into a solution design for the cloud. Create a delivery playbook mapping your journey to the cloud.


Review whether incentive schemes are available to subsidize your costs. Forecast operating costs in the cloud.


Execute the delivery playbook to get your workload running in the cloud.


Start reaping the benefits of a cloud first solution.

What makes us different?

Automation Consultants is able to:

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Drive value

We continuously assess how we can deliver the most value to you and prioritise our work to ensure you can get the most out of your cloud solutions
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Promote innovation

Our team has a wide range of skills and experience, allowing us to approach problem-spaces from unique perspectives and deliver innovative solutions
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Have proven success

We harness proven processes to maximise return on investment and consistently deliver projects to the highest standard, for example our CloudShift model
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Are provider agnostic

Our cloud services are tailored to meet your requirements, no matter what platform you’re using

Our Consultants Are

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AC hires the best talent and has an enablement-focused culture. As a result our consultants have certifications in the industry-leading Cloud platforms
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Our consultants are able to adapt to how you operate and work seamlessly with your existing teams
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Our consultants are passionate about the work they do and are devoted to delivering the best solution to meet your requirements

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