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Automation Consultants provide a wide range of services including Consultancy, Training, Hosting, Support Dev Ops and Machine Learning.

Software Lifecycle Automation

IBM Solutions

IBM Solutions IBM Rational provides a complete suite of tools to cover the whole software development lifecycle, known as the Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) suite. Automation Consultants can set up the complete suite or create hybrid suites of IBM tools

Micro Focus Quality Center

What is Micro Focus Quality Center? Micro Focus Quality Center is the market leading test management tool. It keeps track of all the data related to testing on one or more projects. Its main functions are to: • store tests; • guide

What is Software Lifecycle Automation

What is Software Lifecycle Automation? Software can be thought of as going through a lifecycle, i.e. successive stages of development. The main stages are shown in the following diagram. Each stage of the lifecycle can be automated to a greater