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Complex Programme Delivery Services

When it comes to implementing new technology, systems, frameworks and tools we have the expertise to support your team.

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Challenges of Scale

Research indicates that only about 30% of large scale IT projects are completed on time and to budget, compared to a success rate of 40-50% for smaller projects. The reasons for this include: scope creep, poor requirements definition, inadequate resources, unexpected technical challenges and communication problems between stakeholders such as customers, managers and technical staff.

How can we help?

Automation Consultants has many years of experience supporting large, complex change/ transformation programmes with automated tooling, bespoke software and specialist resources. We have senior, highly experienced partners in our team, able to offer a complete programme delivery service, using their significant experience in large-scale complex IT and transformation programme delivery. They also bring a strong network of trusted affiliates with extensive programme delivery experience delivery, who have been engaged to deliver several of the largest, most complex and most important programmes on behalf of public sector and blue-chip organisations.

Our Approach

Our approach is designed to mitigate the risks of large projects and includes the following main elements:

Detailed planning: well-defined project plans that include clear milestones, deliverables, and timelines.

Experienced leaders: with a track record of successful delivery

Regular communication: before and throughout the programme

Proactive risk management: we assume that risks such as scope creep and technical difficulties will occur and take active precautions against them.

Agile methodology: our long experience of agile methods and the tools to support them is fully deployed in our large-scale IT projects.

A network of trusted affiliates: our network enables us to fill key roles with people with the talent and experience to do them to a high standard.

Guiding and coaching your wider team to maximise the benefits of tooling, aiding the programme controls and reporting - and most importantly without causing a burden or unnecessary admin overhead. 
Helping to prepare your broader organisation for the project handover to operations by training and guidance on using the tooling of your choice

Our Services

As a reputable provider of services for large-scale projects, we can support with:

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Agile Migration

For a seamless and safe data transfer from on-premises infrstructure to the cloud, or from one platform to another, we're experts in Agile Migrations
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Digital Transformation

Modernise old applications and processes while making your future business more agile and able to digest the changes that today's technology throws at us - let us help you select the right tools and applications
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Mergers and Acquisitions

When one company buys out another, there are many complex requirements to ensure the operations reflect the change of ownership. Our consultants are experienced in supporting M&A for very large organisations
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Technology Strategy

If you're struggling to futureproof your technology stack and want impartial advice and support in moving to a credible tech stack our consultants can help
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Strategic Cloud Transformation

If it's time to embrace a Cloud-first future but you're not sure where to start and how to realise it across your business, our expert consultants are able to guide you through the process
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Enablement and Optimisation

Sometimes a new tool stack is acquired but effective or widespread usage is not yet established. We can support your teams in making better use of the technology at hand and optimise it for specific purposes

PMO Services

Your organisation may require a resource to centralise, co-ordinate, and assist in managing projects. Our PMO services can assist your project in the following ways:

  • PMO Set-up: assistance in design and set-up of the function using the PMO Value Ring methodology
  • PMO Delivery: scaling an organisations PMO requirements using our expert practitioners across all aspects of Project Governance (project planning, risk and issue management, reporting & finance)
  • PMO Assurance/Recovery: working with an organisation to assess the health of a Programme PMO and build and improvement roadmap
  • PMO Maturity: assist and establish a plan in the evolution of your PMO to meet the needs of your stakeholders by integrating best practice, increasing capabilities and driving new behaviours
We are well placed to support your needs and can offer staff with a wealth of experience, ensuring your project is delivered smoothly.

Our expert consultants have decades of experience in delivering highly complex projects for organisations across central government and FTSE 100 companies.

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Highest Quality Service

With many happy customers, we're confident we can provide the service you require executed to the highest standards
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Impartial Advice

Sometimes it's hard to know where to start and all stakeholders want something different. We can help you cut through the noise and design and implement a solution that meets everyone's needs
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Decades of Experience

Our specialised consultants have been working across large-scale and highly complex IT projects for decades

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When it comes to large-scale projects, many of the best known names in IT consultancy and systems integration are quick to tender and often win projects of considerable scope. What comes next can be disappointing - timelines extended, deadlines missed and spiralling costs. If this sounds familiar and you're looking for a new consultancy to support your project, we're here to help.

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