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Jira Align

Improve your journey from strategy to execution and delivery by using Jira Align to unite your teams, gain oversight of aggregate project data and align teams with strategic goals while transforming agile processes.

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What is Jira Align?

Your first step towards enhanced agile working

Jira Align is a cloud-based enterprise agile planning solution designed to manage large scale software and IT projects. It allows you to visualise, manage and execute work at every level of scale, from a single agile team through programs and portfolios all the way up to enterprise level. If your organisation has upwards of 250 people working on software development – including developers, testers, project managers etc., then Jira Align could be for you.

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Why choose Jira Align?

If your organisation has multiple teams doing similar work on different projects or in different areas of the business - but with some shared resources and inter dependency - Jira Align will bring these teams together to align roadmaps, project scope, key dependencies and progress reports.
Large scale projects require large scale investments. By using Jira Align, you can bring products to market faster as project teams collaborate more efficiently. Realise those investments more quickly by speeding up the process from concept to cash.
Using Jira Align as part of your agile processes enables you to reduce dependencies, measure KPIs (and much more besides), see roadmaps in real time and use backlogs which are value driven.
A considerable challenge for large organisations is enhancing the visibility of work across large teams working on multiple complex projects. Jira Align gives crucial visibility on all current projects - simplifying things for management and above. Teams can more easily collaborate and those overseeing these projects can access key information as work progresses.

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Our guide will help you gain a greater understanding on the visible and hidden costs of your current transformation, where you can recover some of these costs, and how Jira Align can create sustained value for the future of your organisation.

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How can we help?

If you’re looking to embed Jira Align as part of your agile processes
but require some support to get there, we’re here to help. Here’s how:

  • Your organisation meets the requirements for a smooth roll out of Jira Align
  • You get the best advice possible on the mode of implementation
  • Suggestions on current agile practices and how they can best be improved, ready for the roll out of Jira Align
  • Training on the best methods for using Jira Align effectively within your teams
  • Understand your internal goals and strategy and how you can best meet them with new technology
  • System configuration to incorporate Jira Align seamlessly with your existing tools 

Customer Success Story

What makes us different?

We are able to:

Drive Value
Drive Value
We continuously assess how we can deliver the most value to you and prioritise our work to ensure you can get the most out of Jira Align
Have proven success
Have proven success
We harness proven processes to maximise return on investment and consistently deliver projects to the highest standard
Promote innovation
Promote innovation
We have a wide range of skills and experience, allowing us to approach from unique perspectives and deliver innovative solutions
Give honest advice
Give honest advice
We won't encourage the purchase of anything we don't think is suitable for you - you can count on us to give you honest advice

Our Consultants Are

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AC hires the best talent and has an enablement-focused culture. Our consultants have all the requisite certifications in Jira Align
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We can adapt to how you operate and work seamlessly with your existing teams
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Our consultants are passionate about the work they do and are devoted to delivering the best solution to meet your requirements

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