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AWS Benefits

AWS is the world’s leading cloud infrastructure platform. By hosting your workloads and data in AWS you can reap the following benefits:

Almost any standard choice of infrastructure – hardware, OS, networking - is supported
First-class robustness and reliability keep your applications running when you need them
Decide where your workload is hosted with 25 locations in six continents
Strong security guards against malicious attacks on your applications and data
Spin up or close down infrastructure at will to match your requirements, offering maximum flexibility and minimum wasted resources
Total cost of ownership is typically lower than with locally hosted workloads

Automation Consultants Your AWS Partner

Automation Consultants is an AWS Select partner. With a large team of qualified AWS Solution Architects and specialty AWS experts, Automation Consultants can help you migrate workloads to AWS, design and optimise them in AWS and create automated DevOps solutions in AWS.

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Our AWS Services

Automation Consultants offers a wide range of services to help you make the most of AWS.

Design & Governance

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Cost Optimisation

We can advise on how to minimise your AWS costs, while maintaining your desired levels of security, reliability and uptime.
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Solution Design

Our solutions are designed by qualified AWS Solution Architects and conform to AWS’s ‘Well-Architected Framework’.
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Migration to AWS

We can help migrate your workloads to AWS with minimal risk and downtime in business hours.
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We can integrate your workloads with other IT systems, whether on-premises, in AWS, in separate cloud platforms or with SaaS products.

DevOps & Automation

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Infrastructure as Code

We can automate your operational deployments, using infrastructure as code tools such as AWS CloudFormation, Ansible and Terraform.
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We can migrate your workloads to containers and automate their deployment and operation, using services such as AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) and AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS).
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We can automate your development pipelines and integrate them with the automated provisioning of infrastructure to host your newly built code.

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