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JFrog Software Licensing

Automation Consultants is a JFrog Software Licensing specialist, and you can buy JFrog software licences directly from us.

JFrog Software Licensing Specialists

Whether you’re already up and running with JFrog solutions, or looking to get started, Automation Consultants can help. 

As a trusted JFrog Software Partner, our expert team can help you get the most value from your JFrog software licence portfolio, as well as offer specialist, tailored advice along the way.

What is the JFrog Platform?

The JFrog Platform is a suite of devops software products that automates and secures the CI/CD pipeline and many of the other processes involved in putting software into production. JFrog solutions work in self-managed, on-premise and cloud environments.

The JFrog Platform is highly scaleable and can operate over multiple locations across the globe, yet permits all services to be managed from a single login session and a single pane of glass

JFrog can integrate with a wide range of software development environments.

JFrog solutions help put your software into production quicker and more securely. By reducing the time and effort required to put each release into production, they facilitate a continuous stream of releases. This results in your new features coming to market sooner and security flaws being less common and fixed quicker.

What can we offer you?

We can help with your JFrog licensing needs, whether you’re completely new to JFrog, or looking to optimise and scale your JFrog products. Choose us to help take the stress out of the licensing process, as well as provide these great benefits:

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Save time and money on procurement

We will source quotes for your required JFrog products and get you the best possible deal.
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Expert advice and guidance

Get quick answers from our specialist JFrog team, who can help you every step of the way.
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Simplified software management

From purchasing to renewal, we can simplify your JFrog software management and take the stress out of licensing admin and delivery.
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Optimise and scale your JFrog licences

Our comprehensive audit and consultation process identifies consolidation points or alternate JFrog licensing setups that could result in big savings.

JFrog Products

As a JFrog Software Partner, we have great experience across the whole suite of JFrog products and solutions.

From JFrog Artifactory to Xray, we can help you with your licensing needs, leaving you time to focus on your organisation.

JFrog Artifactory


JFrog Artifactory houses and manages your artifacts, binaries, packages, files, containers, and components through the application delivery process. Artifactory acts as your repository for these components, storing internally developed ones and downloading external ones from the internet according to policies you set, checking them and making them available to your developers.

Artifactory integrates with your organisation’s choice of tools to improve automation and standardisation. This increases the speed, quality, and security of your software delivery.

JFrog Xray


JFrog Xray is a universal software composition analysis (SCA) solution. It checks software for open source components and enables rapid compliance with licensing requirements and internal policies and avoidance of security vulnerabilities. It helps improve developer productivity and efficiency and thus to deliver trusted software releases faster.

Integrated with JFrog Artifactory, JFrog Xray reduces risk by providing automated and continuous scanning for security vulnerabilities and open-source version compliance.

JFrog Pipelines


JFrog Pipelines provides end-to-end orchestration and optimisation of all critical processes of your CI/CD pipeline. The tool works through a combination of native steps and resources. Pipelines is seamlessly integrated with the JFrog Platform, and works well with JFrog’s Artifactory repository to simply the orchestration of your organisation’s CI/CD and DevOps workflows. 

With Pipelines, everything from code to production is automated, empowering software teams to ship updates faster across their teams and tools in a secure way.

JFrog Distribution


JFrog Distribution is a centralised platform that enables teams to efficiently distribute immutable release bundles and automate the delivery of software updates.

This enables teams to speed up deployments and concurrent downloads at scale, overcoming issues like limited bandwidth and network lag.

JFrog Container Registry


JFrog Container Registry is an advanced, hybrid registry manager, which supports Docker and Helm registries.

This creates a single access point to manage and organise your Docker images and provides your DevOps teams will full control over access and permissions.

JFrog Connect


JFrog Connect is a device management platform for IoT and embedded Linux devices, enabling organisations to update, control, monitor and secure devices at scale.

This provides complete visibility of your IoT devices at scale, helping to eliminate software bugs and security concerns.

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