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Automation Consultants provides a wide range of services including Consultancy, Training, Hosting, Support, DevOps and Machine Learning.

Enabling your
digital transformation

At Automation Consultants, we know how to bring major change projects to fruition – navigating the pitfalls and complications of these projects without running afoul of them. Our experienced consultants have the tools and expertise to develop scripts to quickly migrate data during out-of-hours’ time windows, map out the servers of a data centre using discovery tools, and perform other tasks related to successfully completing your major change project.

We advise you on the
best practice

Effective teams require effective processes, structures, tools, and procedures. At Automation Consultants, we can advise you on best practices – helping you optimise your agile test teams, implement test automation (and combine it with continuous integration), discover and fix bugs, and achieve the highest possible software quality without sacrificing time to market.

We develop
custom tools

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Automation Consultants develops a range of software products from Atlassian apps (add-ons) to specialist discovery and test tools such as OpsWave and TestWave. Automation Consultants is an Atlassian Platinum solution partner and has extensive experience in developing custom Atlassian apps.

We integrate

Automation Consultants has considerable experience of integrating applications from separate vendors. Our custom integrations have included automated issue creation, integrated Blackberry invoicing, and real-time integration of two separate mobile phone billing systems.

We provide
quality assurance

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Our quality assurance services can be used to provide an independent assessment of the quality of work in a development or transformation project – alongside test consultancy and test management services. It’s a fully impartial service provided by our seasoned quality assurance experts.


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As an agile consultancy, we can help you identify the skills you need to transition to agile, provide comprehensive training and tools, and supply ongoing advice at every level to guarantee that new techniques and practices are effectively implemented within your teams.

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