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IBM DevOps

Do you need enterprise grade, supported continuous integration? Are you struggling to deploy your agile teams' releases efficiently? Scroll down to find out more about the IBM DevOps suite, or contact one of our experts today for a free consultation.

The rise of agile development has led to the need to deploy software faster, and DevOps has become more and more important in enabling that rapid deployment. DevOps tools deploy software and set up environments rapidly and in an automated way. They help reconcile the requirement of operations teams for correct process (no-one wants to take risks in making changes to live systems) with that of development teams for ever faster deployment.

Since IBM's purchase of UrbanCode in 2013, it has become an important provider of DevOps software, with two main products, Urban Code Deploy (formerly uDeploy) and Urban Code Release (formerly uRelease).

Urban Code Deploy provides continuous delivery. Starting from built components it deploys them automatically to any number of environments from test and staging environments to production. Urban Code Deploy is especially strong when it comes to complex, enterprise-scale deployments and environments. Unlike other similar dev ops tools, Urban Code Deploy 'learns' the basics of a deployment, and when a similar deployment is required, the original deployment process can be reused quickly with only the required changes. It is not necessary to rewrite it from scratch. In complex environments with many deployments, this saves considerable time.

Urban Code Deploy combines the deployment of code with the deployment of other elements needed for a complete system, such as databases and the configuration of servers. It orchestrates complex production deployments of applications and configurations, leading to complete working systems being deployed automatically in minutes.

Urban Code Release organises and manages all the different elements required for the production release of a product. This may consist of multiple software products and non-software elements such as infrastructure and environments. Urban Code Release oversees all the projects whose output is required for the release. It integrates with various project management tools, such as IBM Rational Team Concert, and monitors each project through quality gates defined by the user. This shows at a glance the progress of all the projects in the release and helps managers focus on troubleshooting problems rather than chasing routine progress.

IBM DevOps tools meet the need for continuous delivery and release management on an enterprise scale. The tools take account of large and complex environments and large and complex sets of projects, automating the more repetitive work. The Deploy and Release products allow teams to dedicate more time to the value-added elements development, secure in the knowledge that administrative tasks are handled by the Urban Code software.

With IBM DevOps, complex, large scale deployment processes are reduced from days to minutes and development teams are no longer at the mercy of slow, manual processes. Release management is performed for the complete set of projects and deliverables in a release, not just a single project. By overseeing the whole set of deliverables, it rapidly pinpoints areas of difficulty so that management can focus on them.

We are IBM Rational experts and have years of experience implementing the IBM products a range of major clients, including the ONS. Our consultants are well placed to offer advice on the possibilities of IBM DevOps, making it a realistic prospect for time-pressed development teams who cannot afford to spend days setting up manual systems.

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