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4 Recommended Apps for Bitbucket Data Center

July 27, 2018

The Atlassian Marketplace is where you can find productivity-enhancing apps for cloud, server and data center-hosted versions of Atlassian’s different products. These products include Jira Data Center, Jira Service Desk Data Center, Confluence Data Center and Bitbucket Data Center.

Many of the apps are developed and made available by members of the Atlassian community, including Automation Consultants. In this blog, we look at the four apps engineered specifically for Bitbucket Data Center.


Bitbucket Data Center makes it possible to stretch Git to accommodate a growing business. It has all the functionality of Bitbucket Server and delivers all this at scale and with high availability. Clustered servers give greater capacity and reliability, and using distributed servers, the smart mirroring functionality makes it possible to duplicate system performance across all teams, even those on other continents. Git large file storage (LFS) safely hosts sizable files – and makes them accessible to anyone who needs them.

As you would expect, Bitbucket Data Center integrates with Jira, Bamboo, and the other constituent elements of Atlassian’s toolset – allowing you to benefit from full traceability and continuous integration. If the app or integration you want isn’t available on the marketplace, open APIs mean you can develop bespoke solutions for your team.

Here are our most recommended apps for Bitbucket Data Center:

Webhook to Jenkins

Committed or merged code? Let Jenkins know about it instantly.

Use this app if you need to:

  • Notify Jenkins about code commits and merges.
  • Easily configure your hook on a project or repository level – and then test it.

Find out more about Webhook to Jenkins.

SVN Mirror

Mirror your subversion project in the Git repository.

Use this app if you need to:

  • Create a smoother SVN to Git migration.
  • Import and mirror SVN repositories to Git directly within Bitbucket.

Find out more about SVN Mirror.


Keep track of all changes in projects, repositories, or branches – receiving email notifications for everyone.

Use this app if you need to:

  • Receive notifications about any changes to your repository.
  • Receive notifications about any changes to your code.
  • Create repository hooks for notifications.

Find out more about Notifyr.

Awesome Graphs

Visualise statistics to keep track of projects and repositories. Monitor performance and watch projects as they iterate.

Use this if you need to:

  • Visualise your repositories and projects.
  • Track activity and progress.
  • Analyse and evaluate performance.

Find out more about Awesome Graphs.

Want to know more about the best apps for Jira Software Data Center, Confluence Data Center, Bitbucket Data Center and Jira Service Desk Data Center?

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