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Agile Transformation for a Broadcast Television Network

Case study at a glance

Our client, a globally renowned UK public broadcaster, producer and streamer, appointed us to review and redefine their Agile processes.

In this case study, you’ll discover how we then led the roll-out of these recommendations.

With 50 teams all using different working methodologies and tools, our client needed us to lead an Agile transformation project encompassing tooling, processes and team culture. From two complex migrations to extensive Jira reconfiguration, we guided them to a successful outcome – sustainable Agile adoption. 

Read on to find out how…

The Challenge

50 teams across eight business areas, each using different processes and tools, leading to information in silos and a weak foundation for successful Agile adoption.

Inefficiencies and a lack of shared vision across teams.

Teams working across two Jira sites and Trello.

1.2k users needing engagement, training and support.

Two complex migrations required, from Trello and Jira to Jira Cloud.

The Solution

Conducted in-depth surveys and workshops to understand and align existing Agile practices.

Development of a bespoke Agile framework, to support our client’s wider digital objectives.

Refined and standardised Jira usage, integrating it with existing platforms to establish a solid foundation for Agile development.

Led seven bespoke Trello sub-migrations, a major consolidation of nine projects, and a full merge of a separate Jira instance.

The Benefit

All teams working in Jira with standardised processes and consolidated tooling.

Bespoke Agile framework embedded, laying the foundations for long-term Agile success.

Enhanced collaboration and efficiency, and a culture of standardisation across the organisation.

16k issues involved as nine projects consolidated.

4.4k Trello cards migrated.

50 teams trained and supported.


We were selected to review and redefine our client’s Agile processes in 2022.

The client, a British public broadcaster with a global production arm, held ambitious corporate objectives, some of which centred on digital transformation.

To achieve these, our client required a bespoke Agile framework, a standardised way of working across its digital teams, and consolidated tooling – all accompanied by a significant culture piece.

Following a thorough review of the organisation’s Agile processes, we were then appointed to roll-out our recommendations in 2023.

The Challenge

Across 50 teams, each used different working methodologies and tools, leading to inefficiencies and a lack of shared vision.

There was no firm foundation for implementing an Agile framework, and inconsistencies in process and approach hindered collaboration and visibility.

In terms of tooling, the teams were using three separate platforms: two Jira sites and Trello.

The teams moving from Trello to Jira were going to experience a significant tooling shift, so part of our solution had to focus on winning over hearts and minds. 

In total, there were 1,200 users with whom we needed to engage, train and support.

The Solution

We began with the tooling, stipulating that our client’s primary work management tool should be Jira. This would support long-term standardisation and scale. Some teams were using Jira already (across two sites), whilst others were using Trello.

Our client’s main Jira site required significant reconfiguration to ensure it was usable. It also needed to support the customer’s bespoke Agile framework, which we designed specifically for them. This unique framework was based on Scrum, but flexed to help our client successfully meet their business outcomes.

Jira Cloud migration

We led two migrations to the enhanced main Jira site, from our client’s secondary Jira and Trello. This work included managing seven bespoke Trello sub-migrations.

The migration from the secondary Jira site was complex. There were 20,000 issues, and the old site was fundamentally not fit-for-purpose. 

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement was key in this project, as we liaised with multiple users, Admins and app vendors.

We placed strong emphasis on UAT and communication, and rolled out a programme to support users with the change in tooling and working methodologies. This translated as face time with every team, engineers at ground level and showcasing the benefits of Jira.

We delivered bespoke training, including a ‘Jira bootcamp’ and ‘Advanced Roadmap training’ to ensure teams were confident using the full scope of Jira’s powerful functionality. We designed the latter in partnership with our client to ensure we met their needs and supported their custom Agile framework.

The Benefits

Ultimately, our client now has a unified approach to tooling and processes, with a successfully embedded Agile framework and strong foundations for future growth.

As a result of this project, our client is benefitting from teams working in a standardised and sustainable Agile way, delivering greater efficiencies and collaboration, and supporting the organisation’s wider digital transformation objectives. 

In total, we trained and supported around 50 teams throughout the project, across eight business areas. As part of the configuration work, we handled almost 16,500 issues, and migrated over 4000 Trello cards.

With our guidance and expertise, our client now has strong foundations upon which to nurture further Agile maturity.

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