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Elevating Efficiency: The Atlassian Health Check Success Story

Case study at a glance

When it comes to delivering quality products, whether it’s a piece of software codes or a marketing campaign, speed and precision is key. And that’s where tools like Atlassian’s Jira and Confluence come in. But how do you know if they are being used to their full potential? Is every project, every custom field, every process aligned with best practice? That’s where Automation Consultants can help.

Our health checks are designed to assess your usage of these tools and provide tangible solutions to extract even more value from them. As we dive into this case study, we’ll shed a light on how we helped a rapidly expanding software company unlock the full potential of their Atlassian tools, streamline their process, and improve delivery speed.

The Challenge

  • Atlassian tools were haphazardly configured, leading to unnecessary Jira setup work for teams. The challenge was to introduce a more structured approach to the implementation.
  • Project managers and other users lacked the know-how to properly use and configure Jira and Confluence.
  • As the company grew rapidly, future-proofing the Atlassian software tools was key to support increased adoption.

The Solution

  • We utilised Optimizer for Jira to assess the technical debt and configuration.
  • We examined the current usage and setup of key projects to suggest better utilisation strategies.
  • By engaging with stakeholders, we gained an understanding of the primary challenges and enabled future growth by creating template projects, workflows, and enhancing the in-house Atlassian knowledge.

The Benefit

  • We succeeded in increasing the adoption rate of Atlassian tools among different teams, improving the quality of work and visibility of progress.
  • We introduced best practices into the projects for better management and usage of Jira.
  • By reducing the time teams spent on Atlassian configuration, we accelerated the delivery rate of the client’s products.

The Challenge

So, here’s the scenario for you – you’re a rapidly growing company and you’ve got Jira and Confluence tools at your disposal. You suspect there’s a wealth of untapped potential in them but you’re not quite sure how to draw it out. Sounds like a classic growing pain, right? Well, that’s exactly what our client was dealing with.

Our client recognised that the level of adoption depended on the team – whilst some teams were super engaged with Atlassian tools, others didn’t find much purpose for them. Often, administrators had limited knowledge, and the ad-hoc project setups caused additional confusion amongst teams (as well as additional admin for managers).

On top of that, there was a concern about the lack of standardisation within the Jira instance, and a lack of know-how when it comes to Jira and its various capabilities.

So, it was easy to imagine why some of our client’s teams were hesitant to dive deeper into Jira.

This led to the decision for a health check – a step taken acknowledging that they needed some outside expertise to see the way forward.

The Solution

Our team provided a detailed assessment and analysis for the client, including analysis of technical configuration, the Atlassian setup, and even how the client’s product development processes fitted into the Jira projects. We even employed Optimizer for Jira to single out any workflows or projects collecting digital dust.

In addition, we investigated the client’s Jira and Confluence setup for any possibilities of merging or changing items to standardise projects and cut down on technical debt.

But we didn’t just stop at system exploration, we also made time for conversations with stakeholders. These interactions were crucial in understanding what the teams aimed for, as well as the common pain points they experienced. For example, only by taking to people were we able to discover the underlying issues surrounding Atlassian toolset knowledge, and the lack of knowledge sharing.

Then came the tailored recommendations. Here, we made improvements to the Atlassian toolset by providing template projects that teams could follow, and ensured best practices would be easily accessible for all purposes – from system administration to everyday project use and management information visualisation.

The Benefits

The outcome? The new best practice guidelines and templates facilitated smoother and quicker onboarding of teams and team members for Atlassian tools. Instead of teams having to attempt to find solutions themselves for new projects, they were able to follow the recommended standard, which made it easier to quickly made use of the advantages that Jira and Confluence can give.

For existing projects, the health check enabled teams to make better use of the available Atlassian solutions, such as having reporting on task progress. This meant improved task visualisation, better management capabilities, and enhanced requirement gathering for product development.

And here’s the real takeaway – the essence of using Jira and Confluence is to improve delivery rate and guarantee top-tier quality work. So, any time teams had to spend getting to grips with these tools or wrestling with complicated solutions was taking away from their real work. Our health check helped cut down that administrative burden by providing guidance and solutions on configuration and, crucially, how to fit these tools into their business processes.

Ready to discuss your project?

In this case study, we’ve seen how our comprehensive health check can transform a company’s use of Atlassian tools, enhancing delivery speed and quality. We’ve also seen how challenges were identified, solutions were tailored, all whilst keeping the needs of the teams at the forefront.

So, if you’re intrigued by the idea of improving your Atlassian tool usage and enhancing your product deliveries, why not reach out to us? We’re here to help you conduct a health check and uncover the hidden potential in your processes and tools.

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