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JSM and eazyBI Reporting Implementation for a Business Intelligence Team in the Banking Sector

Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge

Implementation of Jira Service Management to help manage, report and track work
Import existing excel data into the new Service Management project
Ensure customer queries could be easily broken down

The Solution

Configuring certain features including ScriptRunner Behaviours / SLAs in JSM
Creating confluence spaces
User training
Custom eazyBI reports

The Benefit

Improved communication
Improved insights for customers
Request monitoring and management

The Challenge

The customer is a worldwide theatre organisation which is rapidly becoming one of the ticketing front-runners in the e-commerce market. They have made large-scale improvements to their website in order to achieve this, implementing key design and functionality changes. Naturally, these changes require thorough testing before they are pushed to the live environment, incorporating both manual and automated analysis. Testing tools are also used to monitor and report on the testing progress and outcomes. Automation Consultants (AC) provided the resources necessary to fulfil this function throughout the project.

The Solution

AC began by creating a Service Management project using the template that AC made in past projects for the customer. AC configured the following features in Jira Service Management to meet the requirements of the client.

Custom fields
ScriptRunner Behaviours
Customer Portal

AC created the Confluence spaces and linked it to the new Service Management project and provided project and space admin and user training for both Confluence and Jira Service Management.

As well as this AC formatted the Excel file containing the historical data and imported it into the new Jira project in a CSV import.

Lastly, AC made created custom eazyBI reports with the use of MDX expressions that gave a detailed breakdown on the queries raised in BI’s service desk based on their specifications

The Benefits

With the new service desk the BI team were able to effectively organise and allocate their work.

Improved communication
. The team could communicate on issue in one central platform rather than via emails.
Improved insights for customers
The SLAs provided the customers of the BI team insight on their requests and by linking the customer portal to Confluence the customers could see any relevant Confluence articles that may assist them.
Request monitoring and management
The eazyBI reports allowed the BI team to monitor their requests, such as which department makes the most requests, and what type of requests they receive and their performance. By Importing the historical data, the BI team could reference any new requests with the historical requests and they also had the historical data available for reporting.