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Benefits of the LoadRunner free download: Community Edition

July 28, 2015

Keeping on top of your company’s software performance has always been important, but it hasn’t always been easy to get the right tools. Smaller businesses in particular have more restricted budgets, and if your manager – or the finance team – can’t see proven value, it’s often difficult to convince them to purchase that enterprise-level testing suite.

If you’re investigating performance testing tools, you’ve probably already heard of HP LoadRunner When it comes to application performance testing, HP LoadRunner is the market leader in evaluating how well your system or website performs under simulated user loads.

LoadRunner also enables users to generate scripts in Citrix, ANSI C, .Net and Java (and edit them), create visualised reports, and integrates seamlessly with your existing development environment. Additionally, it’s possible to base your version of LoadRunner locally (if you want purely on-site testing) or in the cloud (if you need remote testing).

LoadRunner Community Edition

At no cost whatsoever, you can generate scripts and test application performance for up to 50 users. For system administrators, LoadRunner Community Edition can quickly and easily introduce enterprise-level quality performance testing to the IT department without settling for a lesser product.

It’s an excellent way to decide whether or not LoadRunner will work for your business. The LoadRunner Community Edition effectively enables you to ‘try before you buy’: it provides a lower concurrent user volume, but has all of the core functionality of the paid product. As a result, you can create load test scripts, build performance test scenarios, configure load test data and run performance tests for up to 50 concurrent users.

For IT departments working in startups and SMEs, it is not just a stepping stone to more intensive software testing: it’s a great product in its own right.

Community Edition should not be used for Business Purposes and its main purpose is to enable you to try before you buy. HP will allow you to buy more licenses on a temporary basis if you need to simulate times of extremely high traffic – and in these situations, it’s much easier for you to make a case for investing in the premium version to key decision-makers. After buying licences the 50 free Vusers can then be used in your business tests.

Automation Consultants has specialists across the software lifecycle, and significant experience of implementing HP LoadRunner in all its forms. If you want to know more about how your business could benefit from LoadRunner community or need help with implementation and management, contact an expert today.

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