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Disclosure for Confluence: Welcome to the Fold

March 23, 2020

Need access to a page but don’t have permission? Allow us to introduce the newest member of our Atlassian Marketplace Apps that solves just that – Disclosure for Confluence, the complete solution for users to request access to restricted content using a controlled process!

Usually companies decide to split their Confluence instance into separate spaces based on teams and/or departments. These spaces and pages normally have restrictions to prevent data leaks.

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Let’s explore the features of the App from the perspective of Kenny, who recently joined as a Finance Manager at 39 Acres Ltd!

The Confluence system at 39 Acres is set-up in the aforementioned fashion – each space belongs to a department e.g. Sales, Finance, Product Development. These spaces are restricted such that they are viewable only by members of the corresponding department. Pages within these spaces are further restricted to members of the department with the right level of authority.

Kenny’s first task is to review the cost requirements of a new software product the company is working on.

He is sent a link in Slack to the Requirements Analysis page (which belongs to the Product Development Space) which he needs access to.

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However, he has neither space nor page permission!

This set-up makes it difficult when users periodically require documents from other teams to complete their tasks. While Confluence includes a simplistic built-in functionality that allows users to ask for access, it lacks a few key features to complete the solution.

Disclosure for Confluence provides requestors with the power to choose who to ask permission from as well as an interface (to both the requestor and the permission grantor) to manage their requests. Disclosures are recorded – opening them to tools such as Splunk for additional capabilities!

With Disclosure installed, it’s a simple process to ask for access. When Kenny lands on the page, he’s informed that he does not have sufficient permissions to view it. He’s provided with an intuitive form to request access.

The interface shows the page and/or space title (if enabled), the ability to choose which space admin group(s) to send the request to as well as the power to write a reason to support his case. Kenny completes the form and submits it.

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Details of each disclosure is logged for future reference, security and peace of mind.

Requestors are able to provide a reason to support their claim in needing access and grantors are able to do the same for why they approved or rejected the request.

Details about page and space names can be sensitive, but can also be helpful in determining whether users should ask for access. With Disclosure, companies can choose to hide or show these titles upon landing on a restricted page/space at their discretion.

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Bebe is a space administrator of the Product Development space. She receives an In-App Confluence notification alerting her that a disclosure request has been received. She clicks on the link in the notification and lands on her profile page that shows her disclosure requests and their details.

She finds Kenny’s request, analyses the details and approves it with a click of a button. Kenny now has view access to both the space and page, allowing him to continue with his task – hassle-free.

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Join Kenny, Bebe and the rest of the Atlassian community in empowering space admins, granting access to content and auditing disclosure events. Plus with our 30 day free trial you can take the time to explore all Disclosure has to offer and experience how easy-to-use the App truly is – now available on the Marketplace 🎉

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