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29th - 30th September

The Automaton Consultants team are looking forward to attending JiraCon22 and discussing all things Jira, and helping you explore possibilities and solve challenges for your Atlassian configuration.

Automation Consultants is a proud sponsor of JiraCon22

JiraCon22 aims to bring together the Atlassian User Community, the Atlassian Marketplace Community, and Worldwide Atlassian Leaders to share what’s new, use case stories, solutions, and tips and tricks to advance the use of Jira for any team.

Automation Consultants is a proud sponsor at JiraCon22, and our team can’t wait to share our great knowledge and insights on ITSM during our session.

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Check out our sessions hosted by Automation Consultants and our product team Appfox. You can also meet the wider Automation Consultants and Appfox teams at our virtual booth.

ITSM: Do less work!

ITSM getting you down? AC is here to help! In this talk, we’ll be showing you how you can configure your Jira Service Management Service Desks to deliver ITIL-compliant service management processes to your end users and guarantee satisfaction. We’ll be showing you how to automate common requests, making your software do the heavy lifting for you and allowing your teams to focus on delivering continual value to the business while ensuring that your customers get the swift resolutions they deserve. Not only that, but we’ll be exploring how you can utilise JSM’s rich feature set to deal with what happens when things go wrong, building slick incident management processes that can make sure you and your customers are always on the same page and get everyone back online as quickly as possible.

The future of Jira Administration in the Cloud

With the growth of teams moving to the cloud, Jira admins play a mission-critical role in their team's success using Jira. In this presentation, we will explore the biggest challenges facing Jira cloud admins and how the popular on-premise app, Optimizer for Jira, has been re-invented to meet the needs of admins managing Jira cloud instances. You'll see first-hand how Optimizer provides Jira admins with the insights and tools needed to overcome these challenges, implement best practices, reduce unnecessary system complexity, and make changes at scale with ease and efficiency.
Meet our Team

Meet The Speakers

Join our industry experts as they tackle JiraCon22.

Richard Jones
Richard Jones

Richard is a Senior Consultant with AC whose experience has touched on nearly all elements of the software world, from quality to DevOps and agile transformations to ITSM. He is particularly interested in automation and is a firm believer that software can and should be configured to do the heavy lifting, freeing people up to work on the more interesting stuff (which is usually automating the next boring task).

Seve Lawani
Seve Lawani

Seve is an Operations Engineer within the Managed Services Team at AC with extensive experience working with enterprise-scale Atlassian deployments across a wide range of industries. He is ITIL v4 certified and has a keen understanding of how ITSM functions in the age of automation.

Craig Willson
Craig Willson
Head of Product Marketing

Craig is the Product Marketing lead for AppFox. He spends time helping Atlassian users get the most out of their software and overcome various challenges with valuable resources, best practices, and app-based solutions. After leaving the pharmaceutical industry to pursue a career in tech, Craig is laser-focused on helping teams work more efficiently, which can help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Akshar Nair
Akshar Nair
Software Consultant

Akshar works with a range of customers, across a variety of industries, to create solutions with best practice at the core. He enables our customers to achieve better working environments and excel in their Jira administration, ensuring a holistic view is always taken. Akshar has specialist knowledge in Jira administration and understands the challenges faced, and the steps required, when setting up and configuring Jira across the full software development lifecycle. This knowledge goes beyond just software development, where it also covers any business teams looking to embed their processes in Jira.

Tom Buhl-Nielsen
Tom Buhl-Nielsen
Graduate Software Engineer

Tom is a Graduate Software Engineer at AppFox who played a crucial role in re-inventing the popular add-on, Optimizer for Jira, which help admins streamline Jira Cloud administration and gain greater control over their instances. Tom has a genuine interest in understanding the challenges Jira admins face in their daily roles and enjoys creating solutions to help solve these problems.