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Four Key Apps for Confluence Data Center

July 19, 2018

Confluence Data Center offers a number of benefits for organisations using Atlassian’s team collaboration software: it makes it easier than ever to access additional capacity – offering greater availability without sacrificing performance. Here’s how it works.

Confluence unifies all your team’s documentation in one place – with superior organisation, they’ll spend less time looking for work and more time doing it. They can create documents and discuss them, and the latest version is instantly available to everyone in the team.

When you use Atlassian Data Center to deploy Confluence, multiple active servers run concurrently in a cluster, mitigating the risk of hardware failure and maximising access to Confluence. Capacity for concurrent users can be increased according to your needs – without harming performance – and application throughput can rise during load spikes. Costs are predictable, because Confluence Data Center isn’t licensed according to architecture, but user-count.

But one of Confluence Data Center’s most important benefits is the sheer range of apps available through the Atlassian Marketplace. The variety of apps available allow you to customise Confluence to meet your specifications.

Some, however, will be useful to a significant number of organisations and teams. Here are our most recommended Confluence Data Center apps.


Enhance Confluence documents, with rich, vivid diagrams from Gliffy. Gliffy lets you draw a diagram rapidly with a few clicks and provides aids such as flowchart and wireframe components.

Use this if you need to:

  • Visualise your work with diagrams
  • Share flowcharts and wireframes with your team.

Find out more about Gliffy Diagrams for Confluence.


Make key additions to Confluence pages such as tasks, approvals, and reviews. Confluence pages can go through workflows in a similar way to Jira issues.

Use this if you need to:

  • Easily assign user tasks and manage the entire process of document approval
  • Set customised workflows to impose structure on your Confluence content.

Find out more about Comala Workflows.


Make Confluence more appealing to users with customisable dashboards, categories, and blogs – or turn the wiki into an intranet.

Use this if you need to:

  • Improve content organisation by adding categories and sub-categories
  • Customise dashboards and space layouts
  • Add your organisation’s branding to your Confluence theme.

Find out more about Refined Theme for Confluence.


Microsoft Word can then be used to apply styles to documents; Confluence can be used for authoring and collaborating with other colleagues.

Use this if you need to:

  • Turn your Confluence documents into professionally-styled Word documents.
  • Create Word elements such as title pages, tables of contents, page headers/footers, and more, within Confluence.

Find out more about Scroll Office.

The above apps represent only a small sample of the apps on the Atlassian Marketplace. What works for your business will vary: there are multiple options available, and the optimal choices will depend on your specific circumstances.

For advice on apps for Confluence Data Center, Bitbucket Data Center, Jira Service Desk Data Center, and other Atlassian Data Center products, contact our specialists today.

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