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Micro Focus Quality Center SaaS – making Quality Center Enterprise accessible

January 8, 2016

Micro Focus Quality Center SaaS – the team edition

The parent of Micro Focus Quality Center SaaS is Micro Focus Quality Center Enterprise – the test management tool. It enjoys particular esteem in software development circles, and with test storage, test execution, mapping test coverage against requirements and integration with automated test tools, it has certainly earned it. It works especially well with other parts of the suite such as the Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing tool.

Quality Center’s popularity as an enterprise-level tool has however led many in the small business and start-up community to think of it as beyond their means. While this may be true of the overall ALM solution, and of the flagship version of the software, the team edition of Micro Focus Quality Center Enterprise costs significantly less, and represents a good option for organisations with limited budgets.

Why is Micro Focus Quality Center SaaS cost effective?

The team edition of Quality Center allows SME and start-up software development teams to subscribe to it on a modular basis. By allowing developers to select individual elements on an a la carte, it permits a far greater degree of cost control and flexibility than many comparable solutions.

For example, if you want to use the test management component of Micro Focus Quality Center SaaS, but prefer an Atlassian or IBM tool for the requirements management aspects of your company’s software development, the relevant module of Quality Center can be made available within days of placing the order. From there, you can scale upwards or downwards quickly and conveniently. This enables your team to adapt quickly to changing circumstances: if you need more modules (or to make further use of an existing one), you can do so; if you have to downsize because of a project finishing or departmental restructuring, this is also a possibility. The team edition is cost effective to the point that it insures against many potential difficulties a small to medium sized organisation’s software developers may face.

Try before you buy

It’s worth mentioning that Micro Focus Quality Center SaaS is also very much a viable option for larger organisations – particularly those unsure if the full Enterprise version of the software will work for them. Because the Team Edition costs so little to set up, it’s an excellent way to experiment with Micro Focus’ product and see how it compares to services offered by IBM, Atlassian, and other providers as well as how it works within your current setup.

At Automation Consultants, we’ve found Micro Focus Quality Center SaaS to be an attractive option for many SME clients looking for an enterprise-level product at startup-level costs. With high levels of scalability, it’s also proven very popular and effective for ad-hoc development.

If you’re interested in acquiring such functionality or integrating it into your existing setup, contact one of our experts today. With over 15 years’ experience across the software development lifecycle, we are ideally placed to advise on which Quality Center modules will get you the results you need.

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