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Managing & Monitoring a Complete Business Process Using a Tailor-made Jira Instance

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This customer provides secure networking to both commercial and government organisations. It was previously recording and coordinating its workloads and assets using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets across nearly 10 different teams. The customer approached Automation Consultants (AC) for recommendations regarding the implementation of a project management tool to provide greater control of its tasks and processes, an asset management tool to provide greater visibility of available/in-use assets and an Service Level Agreement (SLA) tool to monitor delivery.


AC suggested the use of Jira Core as a project management tool with Mindville’s Jira app Insight – Asset Management as an asset management tool and Snapbytes’ Jira App Time to SLA to monitor the service delivery. Adaptivist’s ScriptRunner app and Innovalog’s JMWE app were also used to write various scripts and automation rules that allowed linking issues, automatically creating/updating issues and projects as well as automatic updates of the Insight database.

AC then subsequently captured requirements from the different teams to deliver a heavily customised Jira Core instance, which:

  • Allowed users to monitor progress of all incoming purchase orders as they moved across the different teams – from the early stages of design, then on to the build and finally through to billing
  • Constantly updated a very detailed Insight database holding customer and asset information down to the level of specific racks in server rooms at various sites
  • Automatically created/updated tickets for different teams as and when it was required
  • Generated automatic deadlines for the delivery of tasks based on predetermined SLAs.

AC also wrote a custom Python script to import all of the customer’s existing data from Excel into Insight.

Subsequently, support was provided to the customer via extensive user testing of the setup, training for users, and creating detailed documentation of the configuration and set-up.


Automation Consultants’ expertise in providing software solutions and extensive experience using the Atlassian toolset resulted in the implementation of a Jira instance that was custom built for the customer’s needs. The set-up allowed users to monitor progress, manage workload, adhere to SLAs and have an oversight of their assets and clients all in one place. This enabled more efficient delivery of the different products and services that it provides to its customers. AC continue to work closely with the customer to provide support and deliver any new requirements to its Jira instance.

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