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Boosting Productivity: Tips, Tricks and Tools to get you There

It can be hard to find time within the working day to be productive, let alone to read a blog post about being productive (oh so meta). Unfortunately, this means that the majority of you reading are likely outside of your working day, perhaps sat in front of the television, or worse, with your dinner balancing on the edge of your laptop. I hope that the limited… More

⚡ Behind the Scenes: Optimizer for Jira 4.0 ⚡
Optimizer for Jira, previously known as Cleaner for Jira has gone through quite the year of transformation: We’ve seen a new
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Amazon Web Services Developer Tools
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Developer Tools help developers and DevOps professionals deliver software faster and easier. With AWS Developer Tools,
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Docker and the World of Containers
Firstly, What is Docker? Docker is a software tool which allows for operating system level virtualisation, through the use of
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AC Hackathon x Trello Power-ups
Last week, our Product Development team had their first ever Hackathon! We decided it was time to take a break
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Women of Silicon Roundabout 2019
Karren Brady stands in front of a six-thousand strong crowd and educates us on her six steps to success. Addressing
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Azure DevOps vs Jira
While the Atlassian suite is certainly one of the best sets of tools out there at the moment, it often
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Jira best practices: maximising your use of Atlassian’s project management system
Those using Jira Software to manage multiple software projects need to make sure that their instance is set up to perform at
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Server is Now: Approvals for Confluence
It’s been highly anticipated so we hope you share our excitement in welcoming the newest App, Approvals for Confluence Server
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re:Visit the AWS Summit London 2019
Last Wednesday Automation Consultants were among the 12,000+ attendees at the Excel, eager for the start of the 2019 AWS
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We’re an AWS Select Consulting Partner!
We’re delighted to announce that from 1st April 2019 Automation Consultants were formally recognised as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select
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