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Atlassian Software

Atlassian provides the tools to help every team unleash their full potential

Jira Software

Jira Software (formerly Jira Agile) is an issue and project tracking tool which uses agile methodologies to help teams manage software development projects. It can be customised to implement almost any project management methodology of your choice and while typically used for software development, it can also be used for IT transformations and other related projects.

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Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk is a highly configurable help desk tool. It integrates with other Atlassian products like Jira Software and Jira Core so that tickets become tasks, making it easy for you to respond to issues rapidly and provide excellent customer service.

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Jira Core

Jira Core is a version of Jira used for general business project management. It works by tracking ‘issues’ such as tasks, cases or employees, and can be used for a range of processes including HR, legal, operations and marketing.

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Atlassian Confluence

Atlassian Confluence is a content management collaboration tool. It is designed so that users can edit, review, and share documents, tasks, calendars and more – all in one place. Its integration with Jira Core and Jira Software helps you to match every project with the right documentation.

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Jira pricing

Jira is often purchased directly from Atlassian by payment in advance with a credit card. However, if you’re looking to pay with a purchase order, invoice and regular credit terms, you can purchase the licenses and applications through us instead. The cost will depend on the number of users and your hosting option, whether that’s self-hosted (Server or Data Center) or Cloud.

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Jira Services

Jira has proven itself to be one of the most popular issue management tools of recent years. Jira is a highly configurable tool and can be adapted to a wide range of workflows. Jira’s chief uses include defect management and

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Atlassian Crucible

Atlassian Crucible is collaborative code review software. It integrates with other tools in the Atlassian suite, but can also be used independently. It allows you to track changes, leave feedback and collaborate with your team.

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Atlassian Fisheye

Atlassian Fisheye is read-only software that allows developers to look at their source code’s history. The search function allows for viewing and management of changes and helps architects, developers and project managers make better decisions about their software development.

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Atlassian Bamboo

Does your organisation do agile? If so, you will need continuous integration. Bamboo is one of the leaders in this field, tying automated builds, tests and releases together in a single workflow. Beyond that, it integrates beautifully with the rest

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Atlassian Bitbucket

What is Bitbucket? Bitbucket is a repository for Git and Mercurial source code management. It provides storage combined with access control, and integration with the rest of the Atlassian suite, and is available in the cloud or as a locally

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Atlassian Bitbucket Server

Atlassian Bitbucket Server (otherwise known as Atlassian Stash) is a Git repository which integrates with the rest of the lifecycle. Available in the cloud or on premise, Bitbucket Server harnesses the power of Git and marries it to agile project

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Atlassian Data Center

Atlassian Data Center provides enterprise-grade versions of major Atlassian products. Atlassian Data Center allows multiple application servers, which give greater scale, greater resilience and zero downtime upgrades. For large, mission-critical instances, Atlassian Data Center is indispensable. Data Center is available

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Micro Focus Software

Micro Focus products for sale

Micro Focus Quality Center

We can help you use Micro Focus Quality Center to oversee test management across multiple projects, storing tests, guiding execution, storing results, and monitoring and tracking defects, among other things.

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Micro Focus LoadRunner

Micro Focus LoadRunner (formerly HP LoadRunner) tests performance by simulating user activity and measuring the time the system takes to respond to commands. These tests are normally difficult and expensive to conduct manually, so it makes performance testing a practical possibility.

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Micro Focus LoadRunner Community Edition

Micro Focus LoadRunner Community Edition is the free version of Micro Focus LoadRunner. Ideal for smaller organisations, it gives 50 concurrent users free access to get them started with their performance tests.

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Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing

Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (formerly HP Unified Functional Testing) records user actions on the system under test and then replays them to execute a test. This helps to increase the speed and cost effectiveness of application development and delivery.

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Micro Focus ALM SaaS

Micro Focus ALM SaaS (formerly HP ALM SaaS) is a cloud-based, software development management system. It stores all information collected during the creation of new software.

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IBM Software

IBM products for sale

Collaborative lifecycle Management (CLM)

IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) helps teams collaborate to produce software. It automates every part of the software creation process from beginning to end.

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IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation

IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation (DNG), formerly known as Rational Requirements Composer (RRC), stores all requirements of software program development. Teams can create, manage and review the requirements together.

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Rational Team Concert

IBM Rational Team Concert is a project management tool for change management, source code control, and build management. Accessible via browser or plugin, you can set roles and permissions for different users.

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Rational Quality Manager

IBM Rational Quality Manager is a test management tool. Tests are organised in test plans, and these plans highlight the requirements that need to be tested.

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Rational Functional Tester

IBM Rational Functional Tester carries out automated functional, regression, GUI, and data-driven testing. Tests can be run with different versions of an application, but every test goes through the exact same steps each time.

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Rational Performance Tester

Rational Performance Tester (RPT) measures IT system performance. It highlights certain defects that only appear under load (for example, memory leaks) and makes sure IT systems perform at an adequate speed.

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IBM Service Virtualization

IBM Service Virtualization reproduces the network traffic between components. It then simulates an absent component and continues to test network traffic. This makes it possible to see if components can be removed and, in turn, build a larger number of cheap test environments.

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Rational Integration Tester (IBM Green Hat)

IBM Rational Integration Tester, formerly called IBM Green Hat, is designed to prevent integration problems by enabling iterative and agile development. It shows the system to be tested in diagrammatic form and has a repository of requirements to be handled by IBM Service Virtualization.

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Rational Test Virtualization Server

IBM Rational Test Virtualization Server is used to implement the behaviour defined in IBM Rational Integration Tester as permanent, high capacity stubs which can be deployed to any available environment. The stubs are not, except by licensing, limited in capacity or

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Rational Test Workbench

IBM Rational Test Workbench is a suite of applications that provide test automation tools. It includes advanced automation, integration support and infrastructure scalability testing.

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