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It’s no easy task to balance your team’s workload. Our Jira Service Desk auto assign issues app, formally known as Auto Assign Issues for Jira Service Desk, balances your team’s load by automatically assigning tasks to the user who is least busy.

Spreading the work in this way ensures that no one team member is ever overwhelmed, and you maximise available capacity.

Key functions:

Here are just a few of the app’s main functions:

Easily administer issues: you can easily add or remove agents, and administer who gets assigned specific tasks, whether that be single or multiple agents.

Supercharge the Automation Rule: our plugin supercharges the Automation Rule feature, helping you solve multiple cases while also balancing your team’s workload.

Clear and logical rules: new issues are given to the agent with the fewest active issues, spreading the work across the team and ensuring a balanced workload.

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Why choose Auto Assign Issues for Service Desk?

Benefit from:

Seamless integration with Atlassian products: this remote service can delete data, write data and read data from the host application.

Increased efficiency: the add-on ensures that all your Jira Service Desk instances are running to their maximum potential and that projects are managed effectively and efficiently.

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Don’t overwhelm your team. Contact us today to discuss how to optimise your team’s use of Jira Service Desk with one of our specialists, or download Auto assign Issues for Service Desk directly from the Atlassian Marketplace.

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