Perfecto Mobile Products

Automation Consultants is a Premier Plus partner of Perfecto Mobile ( and an authorised reseller of the full range of Perfecto Mobile products and subscriptions. You can buy these products from us at a significant discount to the list price and benefit from our expert service in helping you install them and get the most out of them.

Perfecto Mobile products are centred around Perfecto’s MobileCloud Platform. This platform gives remote access via the cloud to a wide range of different mobile devices. These devices are real mobile devices, complemented by emulators. Hundreds of different models are available, connected to many different mobile networks, e.g. UK Vodafone, E-Plus (Germany), SFR (France) and many others. MobileCloud offers a user interface and an API allowing the user remotely to see and tap the screen of the mobile device, and to program a sequence of user actions via software.

MobileCloud can be accessed via the public cloud (i.e. as SaaS) or deployed on your premises as a private cloud.

MobileCloud provides software tools to test and monitor the applications on the devices it hosts. Since the devices are connectecd to real mobile networks (Vodafone, Verizon, EE etc), these tests are end-to-end and apply not only to the app in the handset, but also to the network and servers behind the app. The software tools are available as the following products.

MobileCloud InteractiveLets you see and manipulate a wide range of mobile devices, by browser, as if they were in your hand, but you don’t have to buy them or connect them to mobile networks which might be in faraway places. This lets you test your apps quickly and cost-effectively across many devices and networks.
MobileCloud AutomationAutomate your actions on the mobile devices you see in MobileCloud Interactive! You can write automated test scripts and thanks to Perfecto’s ScriptOnce system, they can run unmodified on many different device types. The scripts will also integrate with HP QC and similar.
MobileCloud PerformanceYour app works beautifully, but will the back end stand up to 10,000 simultaneous users? Find out with Mobile Cloud Performance. This product can take an automated MobileCloud script and scale it up to generate load on your severs and measure the effect on user experience.
MobileCloud MonitoringMobileCloud monitoring lets you check continually, 24/7, and across multiple networks and devices, that the critical functions of your mobile apps are running and with satisfactory performance. If there is an outage you will be the first to know, and be in a position to react quickly.