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Automation Consultants is an authorised reseller of many leading products which support software lifecycle automation. We also develop our own tools based on the experience gained from helping customers

Tasktop applications

Tasktop is a world leader in real time integration of different tools in the software development lifecycle. Organisations’ software tools are often chosen using a best-of-breed approach, i.e. using the best tool for each part of the lifecycle, irrespective of vendor. Alternatively, different teams in the same organisation may be using tools from different vendors and cannot easily share their work. In either case, the organisation has tools provided by multiple vendors which do not always integrate seamlessly. Tasktop products connect tools from different vendors to each other in real time.

Automation Consultants is an authorised reseller of Tasktop products, and also has expertise in installing and setting them up. Previous integrations performed by AC include:

  • Quality Center to Jira
  • Jira to Rational Team Concert
  • Quality Center to IBM Rational.

The main Tasktop tools are summarised below.

Tasktop Integration Hub

Tasktop Integration Hub Integration Hub is a general, all-round integration tool which can integrate tools from a wide range of vendors. It can unify all the tools across an organisation, following desired rules, so they all share information: any given ...

TaskTop Sync

TaskTop synchronizes information from various tools across the software lifecycle to enhance project governance and accelerate software delivery. This information can include system requirements, release information, software build information and testing assets. Its most popularly used to achieve IBM Rational ...