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Atlassian Server Migration

AC has many years’ experience supporting customers through their journey with Atlassian applications. To find out more about Atlassian migration services, contact our experts today.

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Why Migrate from Atlassian Server?

Atlassian has announced that it will no longer be selling new licences for Server as of February 2021. This is because moving forwards Atlassian will be focusing entirely on their Cloud and Data Center product offerings. It will still be possible to renew existing Server licences, however support for Server will end entirely in February 2024.

To ensure that you are fully supported during this time, and that you continue to receive the latest and greatest updates as well as new features, Server migration to either Cloud or Data Center may be the best next step for you – as it will be for many companies.

We’re here to help you take the first Server migration steps towards Atlassian Cloud or Data Center. Below we’ve compared the two deployment options to help make your decision easy. You can also take our interactive questionnaire to find out whether Data Center or Cloud migration is the right option for you. Alternatively, if you would rather to talk to one of our team, get in touch and we are ready to help!

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What Are the Alternatives to Atlassian Server?

With the deprecation of Server, Atlassian is focusing on investing in its Cloud and Data Center platforms. Regardless of which path you take, Automation Consultants are here to guide you on your journey, with a wealth of experience providing customers with Data Center and Cloud migration services.

Atlassian Cloud

Cloud may have once been a lightweight version of Server, but not anymore! Atlassian has invested heavily in their Cloud offering to ensure that it is packed full of the same features that you use every day on Server – and more.

With Server migration to Cloud, Atlassian host the product for you with built-in security and encryption as well as providing data storage for attachments. Any updates and bug fixes to the software will be rolled out by Atlassian automatically*, which means you don’t need to worry about managing downtime for upgrades.

Atlassian has also acquired many fantastic apps that made Server the perfect tool for project management, such as Insight – Asset Management, Automation for Jira, and Advanced Roadmaps (formerly Portfolio for Jira); as well as the next-gen project type exclusive to Cloud – all of which are included with Cloud at no extra cost! If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, Server migration to Cloud means that you won’t have to worry about performance or infrastructure costs, as it’s all included in your subscription!

Migration to the Atlassian Cloud is a great option for any businesses that are looking to keep costs low and productivity high.

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atlassian data center

Data Center

The big brother to Server, Data Center allows for seamless migration from Server with most apps working as designed. Data Center has long been the home of large enterprises with upwards of 500 users, due to its ability to be configured with High Availability infrastructure, zero-downtime upgrades and consideration for Disaster Recovery (DR).

Another important feature is the ability for organisations to control their own security and data. With Data Center, organisations retain command of when upgrades are made to the system, the site’s domain address, and full control over the instance’s availability – be it public or internal.

Data Center is also being boosted with the addition of new apps as standard, such as Advanced Roadmaps for Jira, Insight – Asset Management for Jira, and Analytics for Confluence. With Atlassian Data Center, customers will also receive priority support from Atlassian to ensure any queries are answered fast and efficiently.

What's New for Confluence?

As is the case for many companies, the recent Atlassian announcements likely don’t just impact your Jira instance, but your Confluence instance as well. The good news is that Atlassian has heavily invested in both Confluence Cloud and Confluence Data Center. In addition, Confluence Data Center users will have another reason to smile as the popular apps Team Calendars and Analytics will be included with the licence cost moving forward.

With Confluence Cloud, users can take advantage of modern and simplified templates, page editor and in-line commenting. Cloud integrations are also available for applications like Google Drive, Trello, Teams, Zoom and more.
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Security, compliance and reliability

Simplified administration

Seamless and connected

Plans and Purchasing

* Requires migrating to Jira Software or Core 8.3+, Confluence 6.8+, Jira Service Desk Server 4.12.2+
** Contact us if you have more than 10,000 users
*** This table has been created by Atlassian. See full link here

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What Are the Challenges of Server Migration?

Migrating systems can be a big undertaking, regardless of your current solution or stack. It’s not just about the migration of data, but also ensuring your teams are ready for the changes to come, and that these are managed carefully. AC is here to help you overcome the challenges of migrating, both technical and cultural.

AC can help you review and understand the key considerations when planning your Server migration, to ensure that your data is migrated in full, and that your userbase is fully enabled for the new solution. We’re also happy to help you optimise your instances in the process – removing unnecessary configuration and ensuring you can get the most out of your solution.

One area AC specialises in is the migration and merging of third-party app data, which often needs custom scripts to ensure it is migrated safely from Server to Cloud. AC has existing solutions to migrate your app data that help you reduce your migration timeline. As part of AC’s offering, we will also identify any apps that are not available on Cloud or Data Center, and assist in finding an alternative method to mitigate loss in functionality.

Why Consider Atlassian Migration Services?

Given the recent updates from Atlassian and the announcement of Atlassian Server being deprecated, now may be the perfect time to migrate to Cloud or Data Center. Whether you’ve thought about moving to Cloud or Data Center previously, or if it is something you’ve only just started to consider, Automation Consultants are on hand to ensure that your business chooses the path that is right for you.

AC has been performing complex migrations and mergers for years and is well-placed in helping you make that transition. So whether you’re thinking “what is the best option for my business?” or “how long does a Server migration take?”, we’re on hand to advise.

As a certified Platinum Solution Partner with significant experience in Server migration to Cloud and Data Center, we can help with every aspect of your migration journey, from start to finish, including:

Deep dive discussions with key stakeholders on the best platform to migrate onto for your business
Requirements gathering and definition of success criteria
Liaising with stakeholders to capture all dependencies and requirements
Planning and documenting the best approach to migration, focusing on minimising business disruption
Delivery and execution of a bespoke migration strategy, to meet your business requirements
Providing Early Life Support to ensure that you are supported once successfully up and running on your new platform, and that any teething issues are resolved

Learn More About Server Migration at Automation Consultants

To find out more about how we can support your business in migration from Atlassian Server to Cloud or Data Center, get in touch with our experts today. As an Atlassian Platinum Partner, we have many years’ of experience supporting customers through their journey with Atlassian applications.