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Big Data and Machine Learning

Automation Consultants provides a wide range of services including Consultancy, Training, Hosting, Support, DevOps and Machine Learning.

Machine Learning

At Automation Consultants, we understand the transformative impact that machine learning can have on organisations just like yours. If you have large data sets and want to make the most of them, we can help you put machine learning to good use.

Machine Learning Techniques

Machine learning methods and techniques can be customised according to the data you have available and your company’s operational priorities. We can also help with analysing and cleaning your information, so that your project is always based on accurate, actionable information.

Data Science and Machine Learning Consulting

Machine learning is transforming the potential of large datasets. At Automation Consultants, we’re committed to helping you get the most out of your data – helping your business analyse it more effectively and realise its possibilities more fully. Our consultants can help you find out how to use it within your organisation.

Small Cells Analytics

A case study exploring the use of machine learning to diagnose mobile network faults, optimising user experience.

Case Studies in Machine Learning

We’re experts in machine learning, and we’ve been careful to document our success stories Check out our case studies in machine learning, conducted in collaboration with, to see which techniques have worked most effectively for our clients.

Machine Learning in Telecoms: Small Cells Analytics

Here is a machine learning in telecoms case study from Automation Consultants. Summary Machine Learning techniques were applied to optimise the placing and configuration of cells in a mobile network inside a large shopping centre. The techniques successfully predicted service