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Digital Transformation

When an organisation needs to perform an upgrade or migration to one or more large or mission critical systems, it can be termed a major change project. Examples include:

  • Desktop upgrades
  • Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Data center migrations
  • Migrations to the cloud
  • Mergers of several similar systems into a single one, or splits of a single one into several
  • Migration of desktop applications to application delivery software.

In a major change project, it is essential to avoid unscheduled outages and loss of data. Planned outages should be kept to a minimum, and if possible kept outside outside business hours.

Automation Consultants has considerable experience of performing major change projects. It has an experienced cadre of consultants familiar with the complexities and potential pitfalls of these kinds of projects.

It has developed a set of tools to aid in some of the required activities, for example the Opswave discovery tool, which maps out the servers of a data centre and , and specialised scripts to migrate data quickly during short out-of-hours time windows.

Previous projects

Automation Consultants has performed major change project for the following customers.

Customer Project
Vodafone Data centre migration testing
Allianz Data centre migration testing
HSBC Split of several large Jira and Confluence instances and merger onto a single instance of each.
Regus Merger of two cloud Jira instances
RWE Data centre migration
Collinson Migration to Amazon Web Services

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