Performance Testing Tools and Techniques

response time (n) An unbounded, random variable Tr associated with a given Timesharing system and representing the putative time which elapses between Ts , the time of sending a message, and Te , the time when the resulting error diagnostic is received. — S. Kelly-Bootle, The Devil’s DP Dictionary

Performance testing, simulation modelling, and performance analysis are the three techniques of performance evaluation.

Performance and endurance testing are the empirical methods of testing and the main activities of our IT test lab. Our performance testing tools include industry leading products like HP LoadRunner, IBM Rational Performance Tester and MS Visual Studio. Our load and performance testing services will aid in validating your application’s response times, give insight into the system’s scalability and affirm performance under user workload characteristics. Our expert software life cycle personnel use performance testing tools like those above or custom test harnesses to ensure a system is fit for production.

What sets us apart from the average performance test services are our own valuable additions to the well understood industry standard testing tools and methods. Where necessary we develop custom test harnesses, such as our batch analysis tool and Citrix performance test function library, to performance test systems to which standard tools are unsuited. Where cost or functionality require, we deploy open source tools such as JMeter and LoadUI. Where explicit testing is impractical, we use modelling techniques and our own modelling tools such as Opswave latency analysis. Our satisfied customers benefit from our cross-discipline methodologies, bespoke testing solutions and versatilist testers.

Our experts are trained to apply analysis or modelling as an extension to performance and endurance testing scenarios. Our bespoke testing solutions provide insight into coverage area gaps in industry standard solutions. Our best-in-industry testers are armed with the ability to work around difficult technical problems, find the right techniques to fit application characteristics and adapt to fast moving projects where the requirements can change rapidly.

We have been involved with stress testing websites, CRM systems, billing systems, ERP systems and a range of other mission-critical systems. We offer certified and highly experienced testers who use the latest performance testing tools, processes and technology and complement them with our own custom tools. In addition, we are familiar with a wide range of open source tools.