Soak testing

A soak test, also known as a stability test, is a performance test carried out over an extended period of time. It helps spot memory leaks and other defects in which system resources e.g. file handles, are consumed and exhausted.

Our software lifecycle specialists know that soak testing is an integral part of application development and crucial for critical systems testing.

Soak tests require expert consultancy as they consume a lot of data, and extra care must be taken to eliminate all extraneous errors in test tools and IT infrastructure – due to the resource involved, getting it right first time is very important.

Performance bottlenecks affect applications and websites alike; our software lifecycle experts use the latest tools from IBM, HP and Microsoft, as well as well as their open source equivalents, to ensure you meet your service level agreements by quickly diagnosing and resolving performance problems.

Typical scenarios in which soak testing proves invaluable:

  • Memory leak detection
  • System resource exhaustion – file handles, database sessions etc.
  • Exhaustion of resources within a database management system

We’ve been providing major blue chip organisations with performance testing services and consultancy including soak testing, for over a decade, and are consultants work within teams all over the country on their soak testing requirements – contact us today to discuss yours, or find out more about our performance testing services.