Testing solution

Atlassian’s Jira, a test management plugin, and an automated test tool, combine to form a comprehensive test management and functional test automation solution. Complementary to the larger agile project management solutions, it provides an efficient way to integrate testing into your overall process.

Testing SolutionWith the right combination of Atlassian products and plugins, a powerful and full featured test management solution can be built up, including:

  • Test case storage
  • Defect tracking
  • Test execution
  • Mapping tests cases to requirements
  • Test automation

Jira forms the core of this solution. Web-based and installed either locally or in the cloud, its basic issue tracking functionality can be customised by using add-ons to provide test management and defect tracking.

Among these add-ons are a range of test management tools which can be used to store test cases, build test execution cycles, and track defects to the source. Zephyr’s leading test management Jira add-on, enables the storage of test cases and test scripts, the linking of test cases to requirements and ensures a record of test execution and results is kept at all times.

Defect management can be implemented with very little customisation. Jira makes defect tracking extremely convenient for the user: a notification system helps keep track of what’s happening with each issue, while the ability to create issues and make comments via email permits the program to be used without having to enter your credentials manually.

To complement test management and defect tracking, test automation can be added to the solution. Most test management plugins will interface with automated tools such as Ranorex, IBM Functional Tester, and HP Unified Functional Tester to execute a suite of automated tests and transfer the results back to Jira automatically.

What is more, all of this can be further integrated with Atlassian project management and other solutions to create an automated management system coving the entire software development lifecycle.


Our reference Atlassian testing solution includes:

  • Jira
  • Test management plugins (e.g. Zephyr)
  • Automated test tools:
    • Ranorex
    • IBM Functional Tester
    • HP Unified Functional Tester


This solution can be modified and customised to meet your specific needs.

As of June 2017, Automation Consultants is an official Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner.

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