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Advanced Asset Management in Jira Service Management

Elevate your asset management to enhance Jira Service Management tickets

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About This Course

This one-day course is aimed at helping Jira Administrators and Assets administrators go beyond the basics to fully utilise Assets within Jira Service Management. Learn how to use Asset information to significantly enhance service requests, incident reports, and other Jira tickets.

Ideal for those who have completed the Asset Management Essentials course, have hands-on experience with Assets, or have undertaken Jira Administration training. This advanced course will show your team how to effectively manage Enterprise assets (EAM) and IT assets (ITAM), leveraging Assets’ CMDB capabilities to customise and optimise asset management for your organisation.

Gain proficiency in:

  • Customising Assets to align with organisational processes
  • Integrating and synchronising data to provide context within Jira tickets
  • Utilising advanced IQL and JQL functions for dynamic asset management

Who Is This For?

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Assets Administrators and Advanced Users

Delve deeper into asset management with advanced configurations and customisations
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Jira Administrators and IT Service Managers

Enhance your IT service management capabilities by integrating advanced asset management techniques

Course Highlights

This full-day course spans approximately 8 hours and includes:

Assets Object Custom Fields

Learn to configure custom fields to streamline asset management.

Using IQL and JQL Together

Combine Jira Query Language and Insight Query Language for comprehensive management.

Assets Referenced Custom Fields

Discover how to reference custom fields across different assets.

Automation with Assets Objects and Fields

Automate processes involving assets for enhanced efficiency.

Advanced IQL Searches

Master complex queries within the Assets module.

Advanced Object Configurations

Explore deep customisations for asset management.

Advanced Imports

Techniques for importing and synchronising data efficiently.

After Completing This Course, You Will:

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Be able to integrate Assets information into Jira tickets for faster and more efficient resolutions

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Configure and customise Assets to reduce errors and enhance the ticketing process

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Utilise advanced IQL functions, including queries that integrate IQL and JQL

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