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Confluence Administration Cloud

Master Confluence behind the scenes as your organisation’s go-to collaborative tool

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About This Course

“Confluence Administration Cloud” is tailored for new Confluence administrators who need to set up or take over an existing Confluence instance. This course provides essential skills to effectively manage and optimise Confluence as a central collaboration platform.

Participants will learn through real-world business cases about various ways administrators have optimised Confluence. The course covers key administrative tasks such as setting up and configuring the instance, managing users and groups, controlling permissions, and best practices for organising content across multiple teams.

Gain proficiency in:

  • Configuring and managing Confluence settings and user permissions for better control
  • Implementing effective strategies for content management and organisation
  • Utilising Confluence analytics to improve site management

Who Is This For?

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New Confluence Administrators

Gain the skills to set up and manage Confluence effectively, ensuring it meets organisational needs
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IT Team Leaders and Managers

Understand the administrative functionalities to support your teams in utilising Confluence more effectively

Course Highlights

This half-day course spans approximately 4 hours and includes:

Course Overview

Introduction to the roles and responsibilities of a Confluence administrator.

Confluence Exports and Backups

Step-by-step processes for maintaining data security and continuity.

User Management Permissions

Detailed training on managing user roles and access rights.

Confluence Analytics

Techniques to harness data insights for strategic decision-making.

Configuring Global Settings

How to adjust global configurations for optimal site performance.

After Completing This Course, You Will:

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Be capable of managing permissions and configuring global settings to align with your organisational policies

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Have the skills to import, export, back up, and restore spaces effectively

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Be able to leverage Confluence analytics to monitor and enhance site usage and performance

Why Choose Us?

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Certified & Authorised

We are proud Atlassian Certified Professionals and Authorised Training Partners.
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Interactive Learning

Our courses blend discussions, Q&A sessions, interactive polls, and hands-on lab activities.
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Flexibility in Training

We offer both individual and team training, available online or on-site.
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Cloud & Server Options

We provide courses for Confluence Cloud as well as Data Center/Server.

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