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Jira Administration Cloud

Master administration and elevate your workflows.

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About This Course

The Jira Administration Cloud course delivers a thorough 2-day journey into advanced Jira Cloud administration, focusing on permissions, schemes, and project management.

Designed for new Jira admins, it provides practical, real-world skills in configuring Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and/or Jira Work Management.

Who Is This For?

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New Jira Administrators

Ideal for those new to Jira administration, looking to deepen their understanding of Cloud permissions and project configurations.
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Experienced Jira Users

Recommended for users with prior Jira experience, aiming to advance administrative skills in Jira Cloud.

Course Highlights

This is a comprehensive 2-day course.

Day 1 content includes:

Configuring Jira

Learn the essentials of Jira configuration.

Creating and Configuring Company-Managed Projects

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Jira projects.

Configuring Global Permissions

Master the art of setting and managing global permissions.

Configuring Company-Managed Project Roles

Understand the intricacies of role

Jira Project Overview

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Jira projects.

Day 2 content includes:

Mapping Your Business Into Jira

Translate business processes into Jira configurations.

Configuring Board and Sprint Permissions

Master board and sprint permission settings.

Configuring Issue Types, Fields, and Screens

Customise Jira to fit specific business needs.

Applying New Configurations to Projects

Implement your new skills in project settings.

Customising Workflows

Learn advanced techniques for workflow customisation.

After Completing This Course, You Will:

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Confidently Administer Jira Cloud

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Implement Advanced Configurations

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Enhance Project Management

Why Choose Us?

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Certified & Authorised

We are proud Atlassian Certified Professionals and Authorised Training Partners.
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Interactive Learning

Our courses blend discussions, Q&A sessions, interactive polls, and hands-on lab activities.
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Flexibility in Training

We offer both individual and team training, available online or on-site.
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Cloud & Server Options

We provide courses for Jira Cloud as well as Jira Data Center/Server.

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