Unified Functional Testing Training

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ACES provides the following training courses in the HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) solution. (UFT was formerly known as QuickTest Professional and it also incorporates the functionality of the legacy product HP WinRunner):

Using Unified Functional Testing

This UFT training course is designed to provide new users with the knowledge necessary to work at a basic level with Unified Functional Testing. The course includes information on how to use Unified Functional Testing as an automated functional testing tool. This course addresses topics such as recording and running tests, analysing results, adding synchronisation points and checkpoints, enhancing scripts by implementing data driven tests, integrating tests and working with the object repository.

The UFT training also includes exercises based on flight reservation applications with real-life test scenarios. This is sample application based on a travel booking company which represents a typical user application to be tested in real life.

Course Duration

Two days.

Course Pre-Requisites

Awareness to the concepts of functionality testing.

Course Outline

  • Planning for automation
  • Unified Functional Testing user interface
  • Recording a basic test
  • Object repository
  • Adding synchronisation
  • Verifying with checkpoints
  • Parameterisation
  • Output and correlation
  • Working with multiple actions
  • Using virtual objects

Advanced Unified Functional Testing

This advanced UFT training course is designed to provide users with knowledge of Unified Functional Testing to work at a more advanced level. The course includes information on how to:

  • Use VBScript to enhance test scripts
  • Create steps that work with dynamic objects and data
  • Use data table methods to retrieve external data
  • Handle exceptions

The course includes exercises based on real-life test scenarios using the Mercury Flight Reservation application. This is sample application from a fictitious travel booking company, used to represent a typical application to be tested in the real world.

Course Duration

Three days.

Course Pre-Requisites

Knowledge of using Unified Functional Testing at basic level. The students enrolled for this UFT training should know how to:

  • Record a basic test
  • Work with object repository
  • Add synchronisation
  • Add checkpoints
  • Add parameters
  • Add output values
  • Work with multiple actions
  • Use virtual objects

Course Outline

  • Understand the concept of object oriented programming
  • Enhance your test scripts using VBScript
  • Use the shared object repository
  • Use different recording modes within Unified Functional Testing
  • Work with dynamic data
  • Use Unified Functional Testing to import and export data to external sources
  • Use descriptive programming to work with dynamic objects
  • Create procedures locally and function libraries
  • Understand the concept of exceptions
  • Handle exceptions using recovery scenarios and programmatically

We can arrange on-site as well as off-site (i.e. at Automation Consultants’ head office) UFT training. All our training courses include a hand-book which comprises of course material along with training exercises. Our appointed instructors are software lifecycle experts and have extensive experience of all HP ALM tools.

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