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The New Era of Jira

October 24, 2019

Today Automation Consultants have some exciting news to share with you, Atlassian has just announced the latest Enterprise release of Jira!

This release supersedes the previous enterprise release of Jira 7.6 / Service Desk 3.9 and will become available from October 21st. Enterprise releases are guaranteed support for 2 years, so upgrade as soon as possible to take advantage of the full support window. Enterprise releases are also more stable then standard releases, with Atlassian spending more time hardening and testing the code then they do developing new features, allowing Atlassian to promise rock solid stability.

In addition to all the standard benefits derived from using an enterprise release, the latest Enterprise edition brings the Jira 8.0 platform to an enterprise scale. The Jira 8.0 platform introduces a host of new features and improvements.

Here are some of my favourites:
  • Massive performance improvements: Atlassian have optimised their code and updated several libraries resulting in huge performance increases:
    • Boards load 2x faster
    • JQL searches are performed 30% faster
    • Re-indexes are completed 70% faster
  • Updated Deployment options including templates for AWS, Docker and Azure
  • Support for Jira Mobile
  • Email improvements, to quote Atlassian “Jira will no longer be such an inbox bully”
  • Support for the latest platforms including Java 11, Microsoft SQL 2019, Oracle database 18c and 19c and Aurora PostgreSQL
  • New priority icons that make it clearer which priority an issue has at a glance
  • UI improvements to modernise many of the most popular interfaces
  • New JQL functions (updateBy, issueLinkType)

For more detailed information on performance improvements for version 8.5 please visit here and for Atlassian’s full release notes here. However, if you would like to discuss whether these new features are right for you, as well as your chosen upgrade path then get in touch today.

Stay tuned for a deep-dive article on whether Enterprise releases are right for your business, and the benefits they bring!

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