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As a leading Atlassian consultancy firm, we provide tailored solutions to improve your team's productivity, efficiency, and collaboration. From Atlassian implementation to optimization and training, we're here to help you unlock your team's full potential.

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About Automation Consultants

At Automation Consultants, we provide comprehensive Atlassian consultancy services to help our clients achieve their business goals. With over 20+ years of experience across the entire software lifecycle, we specialize in Agile and DevOps, ITSM, Health Check, Best Practice Configuration, Training, Cloud Migrations, and more. We also offer reliable managed services to minimize downtime and reduce risk.

At AC, you’ll find a team of trusted experts who work closely with you to understand your unique needs and challenges. We deliver high-quality results and exceed our clients’ expectations with our one-stop-shop solutions for consultancy, managed services, and Atlassian products.

We take a collaborative approach to delivering value-driven solutions that help you achieve your goals without compromising on quality. Whether you’re a start-up or a Fortune 500 giant, we’ve helped clients of all sizes and industries around the world achieve success.

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What Can We Offer You?

Expert Consultancy

Our Consultancy Services provide businesses with tailored solutions to overcome siloes and communication barriers, seamlessly transition with our experienced team, and optimize processes. We have industry experts who offer high-quality results with fast delivery through innovative technology.

Our services include Cloud consultancy, Agile and DevOps, health checks, best practice advice, ITSM, training, and more.

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Cloud Migration

We'll assist with a smooth transition to the cloud, optimize your DevOps for cloud services, control costs while growing, and provide handover and training.
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Agile Collaboration

We can help you adopt Agile practices, speed up product development, organize testing for big projects, and align people, processes, and tools for innovation and business success.
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Tailored Solutions

We provide customized solutions designed to meet your unique business objectives, optimize operational costs for maximum ROI, and help you identify areas that need attention and suggest solutions for existing problems.
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Proactive Maintenance

We monitor your systems to identify and resolve issues before they become critical, and provide regular updates and security patches to keep your systems up-to-date and secure.
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Atlassian Enhancements

Our experts can enhance your Atlassian systems with adjustments, optimizations, data migrations, new integrations, and custom-built components tailored to your business needs.

Reliable Managed

We offer Managed Services for businesses that want to take control of their IT and optimize their Atlassian systems. Our team of experts are Atlassian-certified and have the experience to provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

Our services include initial systems inventory and review, troubleshooting and active maintenance, and projects and bespoke components.

By choosing our Managed Services, you can benefit from having a dedicated team of experts who proactively maintain and support your Atlassian systems, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. We help you ensure that your systems are always up and running, and provide fast and efficient support with our service level agreements (SLAs) designed to ensure quick resolutions.

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What Makes Us Different?

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20+ years of expertise

in all areas of IT across the whole software lifecycle
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Competitive prices

for projects of any scope and requirements
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High quality results

with over 600 satisfied global customers
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Flexible to your needs

working seamlessly with your existing teams
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Promote innovation

with unique perspectives from experienced teams
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Dedicated teams

devoted to delivering the best solution

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