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Automation Consultants adds Atlassian suite to lab

atlassian partner

October 29, 2014

The whole Atlassian suite including Jira Service Desk, Confluence, Atlassian Crowd and Atlassian FishEye are now available to demo in the Automation Consultants lab.

The additions were originally in response to an RFP from an engineering company looking for a service desk demo and are of note due to Atlassian’s new billing structure, says Automation Consultants director Francis Miers: “On this particular occasion we demoed Atlassian’s Jira Service Desk solution to an engineering company looking to remodel its service desk capability.

“Previously Atlassian was charging its customers according to the number of external users (i.e. customers) they were supporting. External users have access to a ‘customer portal’ which shows their service requests and allows them to log new ones. For example, if this engineering company had a service desk that dealt with thousands of customer users then they’d need thousands of licenses. This model wasn’t scalable, so Atlassian introduced a new billing model alongside the latest release of Service Desk that came out in September.

“Now, instead of paying for thousands of licenses, companies need only purchase the licenses required for their own support teams. If you have a hundred support staff on your service desk then you’ll only need a hundred licenses, even if you have thousands of customers. Access by customers to the ‘customer portal’ does not require any licences and is free of charge.”

Miers continues: “Jira Service Desk is designed for use by any business that has a high number of internal or external customers and needs to keep track of service requests – it’s as applicable to any business activity which has issues or cases, and is just as useful for HR and legal departments as it is to IT support services. Jira Service Desk has Atlassian’s characteristic ease of use, and most organisations who implement it are pleasantly surprised at how rapid the process is.

“Atlassian is very popular with internal development teams as it can be purchased with a credit card and doesn’t require a lengthy sales cycle.”

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