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Compliance for Confluence

Compliance for Confluence (Server and Cloud) makes it simple to comply with regulatory & company policy by classifying pages to automatically restrict page visibility to certain users or groups in your organisation.

Compliance for Confluence allows users to set the Classification Level of pages when creating or editing. The app supports up to 10 levels and allows the customisation of the levels to fit your organisations’ requirements.

Easily allow users to see and set the classification of a particular page.

Space administrators can configure who can view each pages set at a particular level of restriction within that Space once they have been classified.

Allow Space adminstrators to change the permissions and restriction settings within their Space.

Compliance for Confluence helps a company understand what data it has and what is important.

You can create up to 10 Classification Levels and freely change its names and descriptions to match your organisation.

Additionally, you can search for pages based on Classification Level, Creator and Space.

Search for pages classified under a particular level

Key Features

If you’re a business which needs to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR and your users use Confluence as the company source of knowledge, use the Compliance for Confluence App to add the features required by your company or regulators.

The App allows users to clearly set the Classification Level of a page and alert other users when they are viewing content which is not widely available.

Other features include the optional automatic restriction of classified pages to pre-defined users and groups specified by Space Administrators and searching for pages with certain classifications (provided you have permission to).


  • Change the Classification Level names and descriptions to fit the needs of your company
  • Create up to 10 Classification Levels
  • View the history of a page – how its Classification Level has changed since creation

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