Company: Vodafone, Mobile Telecommunications, Case Study 1
ChallengeVodafone had developed an in-house CRM solution that required performance testing. This project involved the testing of Vodafone’s applications monitoring software.
SolutionUsing a combination of LoadRunner, Topaz and some bespoke software development, AC carried out the performance testing project for Vodafone.
BenefitsBy selecting AC, Vodafone avoided the high costs associated with traditional testing organisations, whilst benefiting from AC’s internal expertise and best practices. The unique solution that AC developed to test Vodafone’s in-house CRM system, meant that Vodafone was able to confidently deploy their fully- tested CRM tool. AC delivered the project to time and to budget.

Company: Vodafone, Mobile Telecommunications, Case Study 2

ChallengeVodafone approached AC to carry out the performance testing of their Single User Interface (SUI) application. The challenge presented to AC was to perform a user test for a user population of up to 500.
SolutionAC created bespoke scripts for Vodafone, to identify the key business processes. It then executed the tests and carried out fault diagnosis and reconciliation.
BenefitsVodafone now has an SUI application that performs to scale.