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4 Performance-Boosting Apps for Jira Service Desk Data Center

August 16, 2018

For organisations which choose it over its Server equivalent, an Atlassian Data Center deployment has many advantages, including availability, scalability, and performance.

Jira Service Desk Data Center is no exception: it delivers all the benefits of Jira Service Desk Server at enterprise scale. As an ITIL-certified application, Jira Service Desk can resolve problems, incidents and requests according to ITIL methodology. In addition, Jira Service Desk integrates seamlessly with Jira Software, so your Service Desk tickets can be linked directly to tasks assigned to your development team.

Business data can be secured behind firewalls, limiting your exposure to risk and guaranteeing full compliance with enterprise IT, IP, privacy policies, and security.


Atlassian’s Marketplace also offers access to a range of add-ons. Our most highly recommended Jira Service Desk Data Center apps include:


SLAs can be viewed from your customer portal, alongside custom links, SLA tools, and dynamic forms.

 Use this if you need to:

  • Customise Jira Service Desk at an advanced level
  • Install additional features in the categories of Dynamic Forms, Security, SLA and Multilevel Structure and General.

Find out more about Extension for Jira Service Desk.


Control, manage and automate assets. Assets can be anything that is not an issue or ticket, such as customers, hardware, and software. Among other things, Insight provides a modern Configuration Management Database (CMDB) for IT Service Management (ITSM).

Use this if you need to:

  • Relate your Service Desk tickets to hardware or other assets
  • Store and manage customer data
  • Deploy a full-featured ITSM service with a GMDB, which is connected to your Jira project management.

Find out more about Insight, which is recommended for both Jira Service Desk and Jira Software.


EazyBI provides a wide range of fine-grained reports on your Jira Service Desk data (it is also available for Jira Software). Drag and drop Jira issue data – analysing and visualising it in an instant.

Use this if you need to:

  • Easily create drag-and-drop Jira reports
  • Analyse Jira issues to identify trends
  • Create exactly the reports you need if they are not available out-of-the-box.

Find out more about eazyBI, which is recommended for both Jira Service Desk and Jira Software.


Send and receive email service desk messages at your convenience. Incoming emails, including complex content, can be marked and turned into tickets automatically. Outgoing emails can be composed with Jira and sent to anyone, whether or not they are users of the Jira Service Desk instance.

Use this if you need to:

  • Automatically create Jira Service Desk tickets on receipt of an email, with pre-populated fields based on the content of the email
  • Email issues to anyone in or outside your company
  • Send automated email notifications in response to issue events and the execution of actions
  • Send emails when a Service Desk ticket transitions to another status.

Find out more about Email This Issue.

These apps are only a few of the many available through Atlassian’s Marketplace. Alongside Jira Service Desk Data Center. Atlassian also facilitates plugins for Bitbucket Data Center, Confluence Data Center, and Jira Software Data Center.

Want to know more about the best apps for Data Center installations of Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket and Jira Service Desk? Download our free guide now!

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