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A data centre migration can transform your business, but it’s rarely simple and can have severe commercial ramifications if not handled properly.

Extended or unplanned downtime and/or loss of data cannot be tolerated.

To ensure a successful data centre migration, you need a complete 360 degree view of your infrastructure and applications. This requires the right data centre migration tools.
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Automation Consultants’ OpsWave is a software suite of data centre migration tools created to make awkward, large-scale IT change simpler and more intuitive. Its features employ intelligent assessment of network trace data to resolve problems commonly associated with data centre migrations.

Improved transparency

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Understanding the relationships of individual applications and systems isn’t always simple – especially if they were established long ago. Documentation and logs aren’t kept up to date and some key data centre actions may happen on an infrequent basis.

IT managers often struggle with incomplete application interface documentation. OpsWave enables customers to discover application server locations, configurations, and associations with ease.

OpsWave is also agentless which means that it has none of the added risks or potential operational costs associated with the agents required to use other server discovery tools.

Easy infrastructure and application discovery

OpsWave can discover application interdependencies, identify network traffic moving between devices and help with firewall configurations.

User Identification

In a data centre migration, it is beneficial to know where the users of specific applications are located. This will enable you to determine what applications need to be in which data centres in order to create the most efficient network possible.

Intelligent analytics

The full insight that OpsWave provides enables users to predict and assess latency issues, allowing you to plan a migration in such a way that there is as little disruption to workflow as possible.

OpsWave also eliminates the additional costs associated with expensive test equipment, and its intelligent automated diagnostic tool is capable of anticipating issues before they arise.

Why Automation Consultants?
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We can provide the migration expertise and, in OpsWave, the data centre migration tools necessary to make your transition as seamless as possible. Contact one of our experts today to find out more.

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