What is Bitbucket?

To collaborate effectively, professional software development teams need access to a modern source code management tool. Bitbucket is just that – and more.

Available in the cloud or self-hosted, Bitbucket is a web-based version control tool for developers using the Git source code control system. By offering storage, full user access control and integration with the Atlassian suite in one tidy package, Bitbucket helps developers work together in a more efficient, more effective, and ultimately more intelligent way.

You can integrate Bitbucket with Jira Software to associate sections of code with Jira tasks (i.e. issues) which can be updated automatically as soon as this code is pushed. Access to the code is controlled by the ability to grant custom privileges to ensure all requests to view or edit code are managed appropriately.

Key Features of Bitbucket

  • Code aware search: Use semantic search tools to rank definitions first. In other words, when you search for a class, you get the definition of the class first, before all the places where the class is used, saving you the time and hassle of poring through usage results yourself, searching for the definition.
  • Access control: Highly specific branch permissions for all team members means changes to code are only made by people with the authority to do so.
  • Better code reviews: Use pull requests to enable convenient code reviews – resulting in better work and better opportunities for knowledge sharing within the team.
  • Streamlined development: Manage the development process from code to deployment with Bitbucket Pipelines.
  • Improved collaboration: Assign tasks and work with your team via Trello boards.
  • Enhanced storage: With Git Large File Storage, store large data and rich media in your repository.

Hosting Options

When choosing your hosting for Bitbucket, there are two main options:

  • Self-hosted (Server or Data Center)
  • Cloud

Server is one of the more cost-effective options: it’s a one-off payment and you get a perpetual license. But it comes with certain limitations. Server is best suited to small teams – so if you’re growing fast, you could find you’ve outgrown its capabilities, as performance at scale and availability become more important and any outages you may suffer become more costly.

Data Center is ideal for large teams using Bitbucket because it is optimised for scale: you get ongoing maintenance and disaster recovery services in exchange for an annual licence fee. Self-hosting is attractive to teams that require total control over the environment, but that also means you have to do the administration and maintenance work yourself.

If you’re not keen on self-hosting, you may want to choose the Cloud hosting option, which allows Atlassian to host your environment for you. It includes all maintenance and recovery services, as well as immediate access to new features and updates.

Our Bitbucket Support Services

At Automation Consultants, we offer Bitbucket support services encompassing:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Software updates and upgrades
  • Product and app integrations
  • Managed hosting
  • Application performance management (APM)

We supply consistent service level agreements (SLAs) and design your support package around your specific requirements.  Learn more about our Atlassian Support Solutions today.

Our Training Services

Whether you need a one-day introduction to core Bitbucket features, a bespoke course, or a simple refresher, we can help.

Find out more about our Bitbucket training.

Working with Automation Consultants

At Automation Consultants, we offer superior expertise and experience in the Atlassian toolset. As an Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner, we’ve worked with large enterprises across a range of industries to deliver Atlassian consultancy and support.

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