Data center migration and relocation services

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Data centre migration and relocation services

A data centre migration is a complicated process. Without the proper management, the following may occur:

  • Failure to identify all the components to be migrated
  • Application degradation due to latency
  • Failure to anticipate firewall changes
  • Problems with application functionality as a result of the migration
  • Failure to provide adequate hardware
  • Insufficient consideration of these factors can lead to a failed data centre migration, with consequences including extra cost and missed business opportunities.

Our data centre migration services

At Automation Consultants, we can assist with the migration of many mission critical applications and services. We even created Opswave, our own suite of data centre migration tools, to make large-scale IT change easier and more intuitive.

To ensure a successful data centre relocation, our expertise focuses on the following key areas.

Risk reduction

The main risks of any data centre relocation are extended or unplanned downtime and the potential loss of data., Each business will be able to tolerate these risks differently, depending on how mission-critical the applications being migrated are.

We apply a similar assessment to the risk of data loss. Safety measures must be put in place to safeguard important, sensitive or valuable data – and prevent its loss during migration.

Knowledge retention

A data migration must take into consideration everything within the existing computing environment. However, some businesses have applications that are decades old and there is no guarantee that internal reports, process documents or training manuals will be up to date.

Our data centre migration services can assist in rediscovering the relationships of legacy applications. Knowing exactly how systems function helps to ensure a successful migration with minimal faults and downtime.

Ensuring compatibility

Legacy applications are not always compatible with new data centre hardware. If this is the case, a business has two options.

The first is to ‘lift and shift’; physically move the existing hardware to the new location. The second, however, is often preferable – use an emulator to transfer the applications to the new data centre’s hardware – old hardware will everntually cease to work so the extra coding work at this stage is often worth it.

Network particularities

Our data centre relocation services are successful partly because we give each application a predetermined space in the new network. This means considering all aspects related to the running of a system, such as firewall settings, domains and trust, to ensure full compatibility.

We place a lot of importance on advance planning as some older applications may not be compatible with newer network security constraints.

Limiting latency

Latency is a key consideration for any data centre migration and relocation. Increased network latency due to a change in the location of an application’s hardware can adversely affect performance.

Latency can be a particularly problematic whilst migration is being carried out. To reduce downtime, we often transfer servers in batches. To do this effectively, we work out exactly which applications work together and put together a migration timetable. This ensures that latency is kept to an absolute minimum.

Our data centre relocation services have assisted customers such as Network Rail, Vodafone, BSkyB and Allianz. Our processes are designed to facilitate forward planning and protect the user against unnecessary delays once the migration process is complete, as well as help manage the risk of prolonged unplanned downtime. We understand the risk involved in relocating data, and provide a seamless end-to-end migration service.

Contact us today and find out how our data centre migration and relocation services, supported by our intuitive OpsWave software suite, can help you move successfully.

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